Design Commission - ParkLive 2017

Design Commission: Parklive Festival Posters for 2017

Source FM are seeking a graphic designer/illustrator for our new series of 6 Parklive posters for our series of monthly free festivals in Kimberley Park, Falmouth. 

The brief is to create a 6 graphic designs that carry a central design theme throughout a poster series. There is a fair amount of text - dates times lineups for two stages and sponsors that must be included.

the deadlines are tight, as our lists of performers takes time to collate.
This is a paid commission, and is very short notice we require:
  • expressions of interest
  • examples of work
  • some idea as to how you would approach the commission
  • a reference re your reliability is desirable

deadline: Tuesday March 21st 12 noon
please email your examples ideas and interest to: 
and Mac Dunlop

please take the time to read through our website at
and refer to these examples of posters from previous years:


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