Hooked on Classical

I’ll be presenting Hooked On Classical, a new fortnightly music show and you can expect to hear an esoteric mix of Classical, Contemporary classical and musique concrete back to back with the best in dub, electronica and forgotten gems. As a poetry lover the show will also feature guest readings and literary chat plus interviews and guest mixes.



Hi Sally,

Ace show last Friday and great to hear a mix from Steve again! You mentioned that the show is moving?

Look forward to hearing you soon,

Paul x

Hey Sally,

Thank you so much for such an amazing show! The early pioneers of electronic music was just genius and the whole hour was a real ear opener. Can't wait for the next one! (and some poetry and guest mixes too!)

P x

Thanks for listening Barry... glad you enjoyed it. It is odd that noone does it, isn't it? Almost everyone listens to at least some classical music. Oh and yes please, any seemless segues from your show to mine that involve German noise art will be hugely appreciated (well, by me and you anyway).
Someone complained that the levels were a bit quiet and I'll fix that for next time.


Its my new favourite word. Fantastic. I listened to your show after I had finished mine on Friday and I was blown away, such a simple idea that I can't believe anyone's not done it before!
Really enjoyed the show, it also means that I can indulge my kruatrock fantasies towards the end of my show without it sounding too incongruous.



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