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Ian Padfield writes most of this section, as his good friend Andy Wylie doesn'tt understand computers. Together, Andy and Ian are what YOU need to make YOUR evening go where YOU want it to. Their personal selections are largely 1960s/70s rock, folk, psychedelica, film soundtracks, and soundbites, along with silly tracks, silly voices and their own 'confused philosophies and thoughts on this strange world'. They love to respond to requests live on their Facebook page; 'if we don't have what you're after, we'll find something similar. Also feel free to message there anytime of the day for the next show.'

Previous Jobs

PADFIELD - Scalloping, Kitchen Porter, Distributor of evil catalogues, Evil cold caller, not-so-evil veggie shop cereal and tahini hippie, medium-evil SPAR till/mop person combined, Eden project crazy entertainer/allotment monster, trendy VJ (Visual Jockey), Nuclear power plant security guard, suicidal social worker, and currently Box office geezer at the Poly.
WYLIE - Rock n Roll Booze and Girls.

What would you do if you won the lottery?


What would listeners be surprised to learn about you?

An anagram of our surnames is 'Alewife Piddly'

Who would you most like to be stuck in a lift with?


What is your worst habit?

Presenting radio

Tell us about your first car

We are both car virgins.

Tell us about your first record

PADFIELD - Who's Next, The Who

Tell us about your first job

PADFIELD - Conveyor belt of stinking shellfish MUST be deshelled and there MUST be six large sacks of shells an hour to prove how much meat youve scraped out for the heap. Fortunately my career has taken a different route.


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Have You Heard It Surreal chat and music from Ian Padfield and Andy Wylie. Come and join our Youtube channel for exclusive video clips from shows... 1

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Cast call for exciting short film DJ Padfield of the Padfield and Wylie show is filming a 2 minute remake of the final scene from the amazing Danny Boyle classic, 'Shallow Grave' (1994). The male parts played by Christopher Eccleston and Ewan Mcgregor need to be found. If you are interested and think you have what it takes, here's a link to remind you of the scene in question. Filming will take place around the 13th-16th June in Falmouth, and should be completed within two days.
New Source FM Youtube channel This is the latest trend for the Source. It's a documentary feed of the weekly Padfield & Wylie show, perpetually updated. Please subscribe to this channel, and you'll see how awesome this really is. Groundbreaking, fresh.. Unusual, random. Your support is very much appreciated, and thanks for looking! (Think Alan Partridge, filmed in 'The-Office' style, with hints of Braveheart and the Two Ronnies.) x