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Chris Daly is a wheelchair user with cerebral palsy, but it doesn’t stop him from making the most out of life. 25 years old, Chris enjoys football - particularly Manchester United and Plymouth Argyle. He also enjoys listening to music and watching television in his spare time - it will come as little surprise that his favourite television programme is Match of the Day! His music taste is eclectic, but he is particularly fond of the Beatles and Elvis Presley.


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The Daly Hour The Daly Hour will be a show about me playing classic throwbacks from a bygone era and current music released in the last couple of years .I aim to get listeners by taking requests and playing favourites that people can dance along too. My shows will be themed each week, themes will vary from themed week,90’s week and even cheesey pop week. I am hoping to gain a large following and that people will listen to my show, I will attempt to make my shows as interesting as I can.