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In 2014 Eddie completed the Thin Air project at SourceFM and since then has presented his Mr Ed’s What’s Up Show weekly on Fridays 1-2pm. Eddie was born in London and lived there until 2004. He is now in his early twenties living in Falmouth with three friends. He has loved music all his life and like other people on the Autism Spectrum has a fantastic musical memory/ ear for music and perfect pitch. He writes songs, sings and plays the harmonica and has a natural ability for rhythm.

In 2013 Eddie completed a Level 3 Access course in Art and Design at Cornwall College. Eddie has lived with (now controlled) Epilepsy since birth and although he had complex learning and behavioural difficulties, wasn’t diagnosed as being on the Autistim Spectrum until he was 18 years old. “I felt like I came into a new world with the diagnosis”.

Eddie uses his music and art as an expression of a wide range of feelings and emotions that he sometimes finds difficult to express in other ways. He is influenced by the creative community in Cornwall that surrounds him and the opportunities it allows. He is currently working on a series of portraits for exhibition, multimedia pieces and installations with the artist Stuart Blackmore at Krowji. He performs, writes songs and provides artistic inspiration for ApexArts and is writing songs and backings and learning digital audio/music production using Logic Pro and Garageband. Recently he played harmonica and sang with his band The Travelling Time-Wasters in London and around Cornwall, including Park Live 2015. Eddie is also an active member of the dance group Shallal’s main company and Shallal 2

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Mr Ed's What's Up Show Mr Ed's What's Up Show takes a detailed look at a different 'theme' each week. So far we've covered things a diverese as 'friends', 'adverts', 'animals', 'Italy' and 'cover songs'.  Eddie is always looking for new subjects to cover in his show so if you have any good ideas then just post them below