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When I was seven years old my grandfather gave me my first fm/lw/mw hand-held transistor radio. Ever-blessed with insomnia even then, I would lie awake under the covers in the dead of night with the radio turned way down low and pressed close to my ear so that my parents wouldn’t hear and I would dial back and forth through the airwaves at random marvelling as the static gave way periodically to the sounds of late night radio shows broadcast from around a world that I hadn’t even begun to properly form in my head yet; Aladdin sane filtered through an undersea cupboard and overlaid himself across the strange exotic gibberish of radio Luxembourg, a Genesis that palimpsested itself into a chaotic aural tapestry of far-flung threads, they made my fragile eggshell childhood head giddy with the hint of hidden and unknowable possibilities, like hearing myths from an alien landscape, postcards from another planet. I thrilled at the way the many different voices seemed to fade and bleed and seamlessly interweave into each other, ebb and flow, come and go and come around again. There seemed to be a certain synchronicity to the thing, some sort of import. Plus, I liked that you could simply edge your fingertip by just a sliver and fade one voice out and bring in another or find a sweet spot where they both spoke in unison, some weird sort of harmony. Then digital radio came along with its total lack of fuzz and buzz and static crackle - its all-or-nothing totalitarianism - and ruined everything. Or so, at first, it seemed...
Requests/suggestions/enquiries to darkomalarko73@gmail or contact me Facebook under Darko Malarko.
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Sunday Sermon Diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder over a year ago and still awaiting treatment that doesn’t entail taking pharmaceuticals (which I believe help little) I have instead turned to creativity as a means of healing; writing, painting, making music and recording these radio shows. Being too ill to take part in society directly I’ve spent the last year in a state of almost total isolation and reclusion observing the way we do things as a species via...