Andrew Whetter
Andrew Whetter's picture

Andrew hosts the Cornish Cream which is a music show dedicated to local performers. He often has a live band in the studio and will give you all the latest gig information every Saturday from 1pm - 3pm.

Andy Coote
Andy Coote's picture

Andy is a writer based in Penryn.
As Chair of the Falmouth Business Club, Andy is heavily involved in networking with other businesses locally.
Before becoming a writer, Andy was, at various stages, a shop manager, an IT systems developer and manager, a computer software salesman...

Andy Wylie
Andy Wylie's picture

Ian Padfield writes most of this section, as his good friend Andy Wylie doesn'tt understand computers. Together, Andy and Ian are what YOU need to make YOUR evening go where YOU want it to. Their personal selections are largely 1960s/70s rock, folk, psychedelica, film soundtracks, and soundbites, along with silly tracks, silly voices and their...

Barry Gribble
Barry Gribble's picture

Barry was born in Redruth just in time for the rock’n’roll revolution to hit. Yes in those days it took a while for news of new fangled things like Elvis to reach Cornwall. There was no internet, only Jimmy Young with his recipes or The Light Programme on the BBC. He didn’t see a television until he was four years old.
Life was in black...

Chiara Muzzi
Chiara Muzzi's picture

I lived in a variety of countries and worked alongside human rights defenders as advocate and peace-building professional. Now in Cornwall by the ocean, where I ended up by following the wish to gain more environmental knowledge. Human rights and our natural surroundings go hand in hand it seems.
I came to Source FM and The Green Show...

Chris Daly
Chris Daly's picture

Chris Daly is a wheelchair user with cerebral palsy, but it doesn’t stop him from making the most out of life. 25 years old, Chris enjoys football - particularly Manchester United and Plymouth Argyle. He also enjoys listening to music and watching television in his spare time - it will come as little surprise that his favourite television...

Cosmic's picture

Cosmic is a contemporary "street" artist based in St Agnes Cornwall, continually working on artwork in Falmouth, all over Cornwall and the UK.

David Stallard
David Stallard's picture

David was born in Cornwall and has lived here his entire life. Originally from the northern part of Cornwall, David migrated south for sun, sand and studentdom. He is particularly fond of loud noises, which is a big contribution to his programme “Miscellaneous Debris”. Apart from his love of music, David loves Cornwall, film and stroking his...

Dean Harvey
Dean Harvey's picture

As with many people, apart from my family music is my life.
It has always been my way of recollecting and prompting memories of the past, and lifts my hopes and dreams for the future.
I feel blessed to be the organiser of the ‘Cornwall Respect Festival’. This event enables me to feel part of the community here in Cornwall.

Drewzy's picture

Self help help yourself..... Thursdays 5 - 6.30pm

An hour and a half to improve your self-worth, monetary status, standing in the community and personal odour. No previous experience required. Standing room only. The value of your internal image may go up as well as down. Guaranteed to clean the areas of your soul other shows...

Eddie Callis
Eddie Callis's picture

In 2014 Eddie completed the Thin Air project at SourceFM and since then has presented his Mr Ed’s What’s Up Show weekly on Fridays 1-2pm. Eddie was born in London and lived there until 2004. He is now in his early twenties living in Falmouth with three friends. He has loved music all his life and like other people on the Autism Spectrum has...

Enyon's picture

Enyon aka SI GORDON is a formidable figure in the history of the south wests electronic music scene. This year he celebrates 27 years as a DJ and music producer. As an artist he has released singles, remixes and albums on the likes of the mighty Defected records (UK), Soulfuric records (US), Hardsoul Pressings (NL), MN2S(UK), Bubblesoul music (...

Glenys McMahon
Glenys McMahon's picture

Glenys is preparing to turn back the clock on Source FM, as she hosts a show aimed at the over 60s who are young at heart!

Supergran's Discos will be playing music for older people across the county with her Radio Request Show on Source FM.

For further information or to make a request please contact 01872 276042

Ian Beaumont
Ian Beaumont's picture

Ian describes himself as 'an eclectic kinda guy'; he is a fan of science-fiction, especially Doctor Who, Star Trek and Star Wars, but also loves documentaries too. His musical tastes range from classical to modern pop, and 'a lot of stuff in between.'

He also enjoys old movie serials and old time radio, but strives to keep his finger on...

Jazz Train Team
Jazz Train Team's picture

The Jazz Train Team: Paddy Haughton bought his first jazz record around 1957!! A confirmed jazz nut, he enjoys everything from the legacy of New Orleans to the new music of the 21st Century. Pete Webster likes to play different kinds of Jazz and explore the overlaps and contrasts of different genres; Soul, Electronic, African, Old School,...

Jimmy Miller
Jimmy Miller's picture

A Penryn boy at heart, but Jimmy has lived in Falmouth for the past forty years with his wife Elaine. He also has two sons Alastair & Fergus.
He loves rustic humour - the Cornish people have a very dry wit.

He retired from Falmouth Coastguard in 2008.

‘Musical Allsorts’ will be a programme of music chosen from across the...

Jimmy P
Jimmy P's picture

Jimmy presents the Anonymous Show - an erratic mishmash of mockumentaries, workshops, philosophical ramblings, surreal soundscapes, interviews with intrepid travellers and strange stories in a sea of musical soup.

Jim has lived in Cornwall for most of his life. He has a thing for bicycles / anything self propelled / DIY culture and has a...

Jules Kay
Jules Kay's picture

Songs From the Back Room
Jules Kay Thursdays 7.30pm - 9.30pm

Jules has been involved with numerous music projects over many years. Songs from the Backroom is exactly that, a weekly trawl through the shelves and sleeves of the backroom, revisiting some classic radio sessions, favourite tracks and rare songs as well as a...

Juniper and Flo...
Juniper and Flouncy Pants's picture

Girls with tunage, tangents, banter and croissants. Listen to us on Source FM every Thursday at 1pm. Tune in to 96.1 to hear funk, soul, rock and news.....

Karl Phillips
Karl Phillips's picture

All playlists are now held at - Refusing to be nailed down to a specific genre, Random Jukebox sees out the weekend with a rag-tag mix of new releases, album tracks, b-sides, cover versions and other downtempo oddities. Presenter Karl Phillips...

Kevin Parrott
Kevin Parrott's picture

The Kevin Parrott Radio Show is the perfect mix of old and new tunes in the incomparable company of Mr Kevin Parrott whose encyclopedic knowledge of pop music is only matched by his bubbly personality...

Konquerin Soundz
Konquerin Soundz's picture

We are a reggae soundsystem that have been based around cornwall since 2006, doing dj sets in the early days to building our own sound system & representing with artists & other sound crews.
We play all aspects of reggae music including Roots, Dancehall, Onedrop, Dub & cultural lovers rock all in a traditional turntable...

Kyle Coleman
Kyle Coleman's picture

Born in 1986 in Swindon UK, and now residing near Truro, Cornwall, It was evident from an early age that Kyle had a fascination with abstract patterns of sound and was obviously absorbing anything and everything of a musical nature. However, despite him being a healthy young boy, Kyle could not relate to others around him, was non verbal and...

Lost In Space
Lost In Space's picture

Squinting into the dark expanse, without the aid of GPS, just remember - no one can hear you playing Pink Floyd in space. Just as well, because we're way much more hip/weird/deranged/misguided and generally out there (in space) to be playing any of that sorta nonsense. So join us as we mix it up, choose our fave tracks from a classic album, do...

Lou Peixinha
Lou Peixinha's picture

A fishkeeper, a musician and a capoeirista. Lou aims to share some of these interests through her wide ranging choice of music (with the odd bit of 'Old Fish News' thrown in)!

"I like to think of this show as being a kaleidoscope for the ears"

Listen in on Tuesdays from 3-4pm to find out more...

Luke Jenkins
Luke Jenkins's picture

Luke enjoys playing harmonica and guitar and also writes his own songs and stories. Luke also says that some of his jokes and anecdotes might make it into upcoming shows!

Making Paper Boats
Making Paper Boats's picture

Making Paper boats is radio origami, an eclectic expressive and imaginative two-hour radio show. Bringing songs, sounds and spoken word from around the globe. A voyage of discovery every Sunday morning from 11am – 1pm.

This show is a musical journey full of bizarre new musical discoveries, old classic film scores, innovative video game...

Matthew Rogers
Matthew Rogers's picture

I cut my teeth on community radio stations in California, and when I eventually found myself back in this country I missed the natural presenter styles of community stations such as KPFA and KALX. So, after a few years of scratching my head and wondering how to set up a community radio station it I got up off my derrière, brainwashed some very...

MCMC Spoken
MCMC Spoken's picture

MCMC Spoken AKA Megan Chapman is a critically acclaimed performance word artist from Cornwall, South West England. Inspired by the rap music of Eminem at the tender age of 15 and using the media of poetry, rap, freestyle and spoken word, MCMC spoken uses her diverse skills and interests to communicate views and visions of the world both as she...

Megan Holly Nelson
Megan Holly Nelson's picture

I’m not very good at writing these ‘about me’ posts, so I thought I’d ask my friends the cliché question of 3 words that best describe me, this is what they came up with – one came up with ‘chatty, bubbly and honest’, another came up with ‘fierce, fun and fabulous’ and the other came up with ‘gay, hot, and strong willed’.. that’s the last time...

Mike Hopwood
Mike Hopwood's picture

A loud, eccentric, mad man of 50-some, Mike really does take the biscuit when it comes to describing someone as ‘interesting’. Though he would call himself an electrician by trade he could perhaps be seen more as an artist. Never have we seen such imaginative uses of circuit boards, LEDs and what fishermen would call ‘muppets’.

When he’...

Milo Whitehead
Milo Whitehead's picture

From an early age Milo was interested in music of all kinds. He went to college in Gloucestershire, studying horticulture, animal husbandry, art history and crafts. His art history tutor was a big influence – particularly after Milo discovered he’d designed all the early album covers for Queen. In the summer of 2015 Milo (and his huge vinyl...

Mollie Ann
Mollie Ann's picture

"Source Fm 96.1 I Love It I Do!"

The Mollie Ann Show mainly consists of a range of quotes and Worldly Advice, and a diverse range of music.
Feel free to Turn On, Tune In and Drop Out Worldly Troubles anytime on Mixcloud, or Saturdays from 11am-1pm..

Mollie's "heart leapt with excitement to discover the existence of the...

Pagan Tony and ...
Pagan Tony and Daave the Raave's picture

Deth Da/ Hi there !

Pagan Tony and Daave the Raave produce and broadcast The‘One and All Radio Show – Speaking out with a Cornish Voice’ on Source FM on Monday Mornings from 9am
They are both proud to be Cornish and down the years of broadcasting together, Tony has taken over the production and musical side of the programmes whilst...

Patrick Reyna
Patrick Reyna's picture

Patrick is a radio voyager who takes his ears with him everywhere he goes. He also has a tendency to bring music back with him from where he's been. You can enjoy this music every Monday morning from 7-9am

Penryn Space Agency
Penryn Space Agency's picture

Every 4th Saturday of the month. 10:00pm - Midnight. Krzysztof Oktalski & Maf*pHew invite you to blast off for a 2 hour mix of the latest & greatest hyper-dimensional electronic space music. 74+ hours of archived shows with full tracklists and buy links at our website. HOT NEW Braindance D&B IDM Techno Dubstep Trap Acid Deep...

Pete Maxted
Pete Maxted's picture

Pete Maxted hosts the green show every Wednesday from 3-4pm

Phil Parker
Phil Parker's picture

Phil (Mr P/Chilldoctor) has been spinning tunes since 1973. Through the years he has been fortunate to have worked with many well known artists and DJs, and in the 1990s he played all over the country. He has many styles under his belt, played on beaches and at some festivals. As he has got older Phil says "I have slowed down and love to play...

Pirate Pete
Pirate Pete's picture

Pirate Pete was born "non-pirate" in the swinging 60's, but the only swinging he did was in the local park ( still true to this day I might add). Music was always a massive influence from the strange metamorphesis of the Beatles, through the sheer excitement of glam and punk, to the jaw dropping discovery you could get whole albums of guitar...

Radyo An Gernewegva
Radyo An Gernewegva's picture

Matthew Clarke yw jornalyas hag a ober der radyo yn Kernow. Ev re skrifas lies kan y’n taves ha’ga seni gans y vagasow Skwardya ha Krena. Krena a waynyas Kesstrif Kan PanKeltek 2005, hag yth esa bri meur a-hys an bys dhe Skwardya 2006 pan dorras hwedhel a-dro dhedha ow kana Beatles der Gernewek. Kyns es dalleth Nowodhow an Seythen ha Radyo an...

Rich Jones
Rich Jones's picture

Rich is the DJ of the Chargrilled Metal Show - he's 29, and lives in Camborne but is From Falmouth.

Rich studied Media at college and this is what sparked his interest in radio, and Source FM gives me a chance to do that and play some of the music he enjoys, and hopes you will too!

S-J Marsden
S-J Marsden's picture

S-J is a local art teacher with a love of all things arty. The show is packed to the gunnels with interviews and news and views about theatre, art, dance, spoken word, literature, comedy and film and anything else that takes her fancy, along with funky tunes, both old school or new funk.
She is always looking for content so get in touch...

Sam Bradbury
Sam Bradbury's picture

Tin panning the ethereal cosmic effluence for cerebral honey. A shivaree of the beautiful and beastly.

Simon Neild
Simon Neild's picture

A great lover of music and people, Simon grew up in Zimbabwe, where music 'flows in the blood' and he has always been passionate about it.

Simon says: "Sadly I am not a musician and can’t sing in tune (I can’t even talk in tune!) - As such my contribution to music has always been producing, managing, and recording. I can also play the...

Simon Norris
Simon Norris's picture

Originally from Bristol where as a teenager many hours were dediacted to the pusuit of rock stardom. Re-visiting the city most of the venues he peformed in are either flats, offices or simply missing. So with dashed dreams the guitar was hung up, though his passion for music never wained. The music normally has a guitar or two in it, but that...

Sophie Sweatman
Sophie Sweatman's picture

Sophie moved down to Cornwall in 2011 to do a masters in Professional Writing at UCF and took the opportunity to focus on scriptwriting. Before this, she had lived in London since 1989. Sophie had an art exhibition at Lauderdale House, Highgate, in 1994 and moved to Crouch End. Her local shop even featured in Shaun of the Dead! Going to four...

Steve Cannon an...
Steve Cannon and Simon Hill's picture

Aside from a very brief foray into Hospital Radio many, many years ago (which ended when it was revealed you had to have been at the station for at least a year before you could actually play any records or speak on air) Steve Cannon has never really thought of doing this sort of thing. Now, thanks to Al Green and Source FM he is part of the...

Steve Foster
Steve Foster's picture

Steve says his Redruth passport is still valid, but he made the big move to Truro years ago.

He has worked at a selection of radio stations starting with London Hospital Broadcasting Network and Steve also trained with the United Biscuit Network in-house radio station in London, then hung around various American Radio Stations including...

Steve Gruitt
Steve Gruitt's picture

Steve will be presenting a new show: Punky Reggae Party. Steve was living in the Bristol area at the time punk hit Britain and soon became a big fan. He was lucky enough to see a lot of the major bands of the time, and he will be talking about his experiences of the time in edgy, late seventies Britain; the punks, the dreads, his mates: all...

Tadgh Shiels
Tadgh Shiels's picture

Gypsy punk, journalist, buffoon; Tadgh is accused of being many things. But never a radio DJ – until now! He has performed locally as a musician for many years and also graduated in Journalism from Falmouth University in 2014, where many of his projects revolved around interviewing musicians and others involved in the industry. Prepare to be...

Tash Berks
Tash Berks's picture

They don't come any more authentic than Tash Berks, tune in and listen to her great music, spirit and honesty. The music for her show is that Friday feeling and will get you in the mood for dancing into the weekend. You will hear Tash's thoughts and observations throughout her week in the world of running a second hand bookshop, singing and...

The Lazy Prophet
The Lazy Prophet's picture

When I was seven years old my grandfather gave me my first fm/lw/mw hand-held transistor radio. Ever-blessed with insomnia even then, I would lie awake under the covers in the dead of night with the radio turned way down low and pressed close to my ear so that my parents wouldn’t hear and I would dial back and forth through the airwaves at...

Toby Cook
Toby Cook's picture

Hello! I’m Toby bass player for the local band Brackenthorn, I’ve been obsessed with music since a young age and these days conversations with me will last a matter of minutes before turning to music. I do a show primarily focused around blues every Sunday but it often branches off into many different genres as most popular music traces it’s...

Tom Clements
Tom Clements's picture

Tom Clements is a 23 year old lad, who loves all different type of music and love presenting his Shake Up Saturday radio show. Tom is also helping out at The Poly.

TonyMartin's picture

Rockin' Tony Martin

Trevor Bread
Trevor Bread's picture

Trevor Bread, currently sitting in, by kind permission, for Alphonso himself, while on an international global world tour, spreading the word of logic and reason to all who have fallen foul of logical fallacies, pseudo-scientific nonsense and tautologies, has been away at the ashram but is now back, adding sub-clauses, trying to make sense of...

Val Baker
Val Baker's picture

Val has a fine pedigree as a musician and singer in Cornwall and has a lifelong love of music of all genres. A Falmouth lass born and bred, Val will be bringing us some fine Country and roots music in her first show...

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Playlistsort icon Date Programme Details Comments
Another Guy Show 04/11/2012 Another Guy Show: Firecracker    -Mass Production Just Another Guy    -The O'...
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere I Choose 15/09/2012 Anyway Anyhow Anywhere I Choose    -The Who Peeping Tom    -The Maytals Private...
Dark and Stormy Show 28/10/2012 Voodoo Idol    -The Cramps Red Right Hand    -Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Stags...
Dedicated, For Wendy Glanville-Hall 07/10/2012 Continental Drifter's Dedicated Show: Track List: Shine a Little Love    -Electric Light...
Exquisite Corpse 18/11/2012 Exquisite Corpse Show:   Heartache Tonight    -The Eagles Rain Dogs    -...
Final Show of 2012 16/12/2012 White Christmas     -The Drifters The End of the World     -Skeeter Davis Let's...
Garage Sale of the Apocalypse 25/11/2012 Love for Sale    -Billie Holiday One Broken Heart for Sale    -Elvis Presley...
Live From Trengilly Wortha Pub - 23/09/2012 Folk Music and Real Ale Festival -Hosted by Trengilly Wortha and Sources own Steve William....
Statistics for Idioms 11/11/2012 Statistics for Idioms, A terrible guide for Figures of Speech`; I Don't Think I'm Ever Gonna Figure...
The Public Image 14/10/2012 The Public Image Show The Public Image    -Public Image Limited (PIL) I'm Afraid the...
Word of the Day -Adaption- 21/10/2012 Adaption Show- Fittest of the Fittest    -Burning Spear Indian Reservation    -...