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Making Paper boats is radio origami, an eclectic expressive and imaginative two-hour radio show. Bringing songs, sounds and spoken word from around the globe. A voyage of discovery every Sunday morning from 11am – 1pm.

This show is a musical journey full of bizarre new musical discoveries, old classic film scores, innovative video game soundtracks, electro funk, steal band covers, poetry as well as thought provoking local community stories.

“Most of the music I like sounds pretty unbalanced” –John Peel

Making Paper Boats attempts to bring a wider musical assortment of exotic and unknown artists to the listener. Crafted together with a random array of movie quotes, vintage compositions and weekly themes.

Created by Laurie who has experienced the musical and video professional realms. Having worked and travelled around the world, on film sets, stages, festivals and live TV productions, Laurie has Come in a full circle back to the sea where he grew up. Bringing with him DJ Puffin, a 3 year-old mind crafting, light-bending co-host. Traversing the boundaries of broadcasting horizons, they’ve both collectively been radio DJ’s twice as long as the other individually.

Folding space and time, Making Paper Boats is a submerging two hour day dream, crafted to navigate the fogs of the musical unknown. Listen to this show with a delayed response to your immediate reality and you will be irretrievably led astray from the flotilla of composed chaos.

‘All forms of media are a finely tuned weather map of mind control’ says Laurie, who believes that a positive, pro- active and localized use of media can enhance our individual days. He hopes to manipulate listeners of Cornwall and the outside world to smile and help at each other, to stop saying ‘sorry’ all the time when we don’t mean it and to day dream more often, especially on a Sunday morning!

The title of the show; Making Paper Boats is a conceptual suggestion that mirror’s the intricate radio production process. From a flat and shapeless blank void, a seamless two-hour imaginary flow is folded. A craft is crafted. In truth though this name was found by a happen chance glance at a paper making craft set upon a shelf. Ow the conceptualising! Capitalising on conincidence!!

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Previous Jobs

too many to count, and you wouldn't believe me if i listed them all. Most notably was probably making a drug den scene out of my dirty washing and left over food scraps for a Drew Barrymore film. Definitely put my university degree to good use on that one!!!

What would you do if you won the lottery?

open a free Aikido dojo in an isolated cornish forest, make it with wood using traditional Japanese joinery methods, invite the best martial artists to live and teach there whilst not charging a penny to anyone who wished to learn and live there for as long as they liked. Then I would take over the World!

What would listeners be surprised to learn about you?

I DJ naked or at times in a dress I've found in a charity shop, that I never watch TV or listen to the radio. I despise the way current affairs is portrayed on the media. I despise mobile phones and twitter, but I love playing candy crush, especially when I'm driving or stepping onto a boat. That I love muslims, hindus, pagans, Buddhists, gays and Druids but I emphatically cant understand Catholicism's approach to spiritual superiority in our uk school system!

Who would you most like to be stuck in a lift with?

A 911 conspiracy analyst!

What is your worst habit?

I dont have one as i've never been a monk!?

Tell us about your first car

it was an orange Tonka pickup truck, loved it!!!

Tell us about your first record

i ran really fast in a race

Tell us about your first job

it was a bit wierd

What is your favourite food ?

fresh organic edible

What is your favourite place around Falmouth / Penryn?

my home

What is your favourite band ?

Elastic ones

What is your favourite TV show ?

When its switched off!

What is your favourite film ?

cling film


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