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I’m not very good at writing these ‘about me’ posts, so I thought I’d ask my friends the cliché question of 3 words that best describe me, this is what they came up with – one came up with ‘chatty, bubbly and honest’, another came up with ‘fierce, fun and fabulous’ and the other came up with ‘gay, hot, and strong willed’.. that’s the last time I ask my friends for help!

My name is Megan Holly Nelson (I always use my middle name because, if you google Megan Nelson it comes up with a girl from teen mom, which was definitely not me), I’m from Truro, I have my own fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog, as well as a YouTube channel (links below), I recently signed a modelling contract and now I’m a radio show presenter, I do all of this on top of a full time job, I live a very fast paced life and wouldn’t have it any other way! I’ll leave you with a quote “It’s better to fail in originality then to succeed in imitation”.

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The Lost Wolf Show ‘The Lost Wolf Show’, is about celebrating your flaws and expressing the things that make us unique. The title and the meaning from the show was inspired by a song that I wrote when I was 16, which was written in a time of my life were I felt like an outcast and a massive step back for me during this time was my mental health which will be an ongoing theme in my show. I want to talk about it, not only my experiences but invite others on to share their stories, I want to get more... 1