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A loud, eccentric, mad man of 50-some, Mike really does take the biscuit when it comes to describing someone as ‘interesting’. Though he would call himself an electrician by trade he could perhaps be seen more as an artist. Never have we seen such imaginative uses of circuit boards, LEDs and what fishermen would call ‘muppets’.

When he’s not playing with soldering irons and glue guns, he’s to be found trawling the local record shops for the latest and greatest artists and CDs that no other person in the entire world has ever heard of, except perhaps all those dear friends, relatives, acquaintances and anyone else walking past when he’s handing out copies of said CDs. His taste in music is grand if slightly bizarre and will have anyone, from 80 year old pensioners to 13 year old girls dancing around the room. Possibly his most talked about subject (other than perhaps lawyers), his life revolves around music. At the drop of a hat, he will grab his guitar and show off the latest waltz he’s been working on, or just one of the vibrant tunes he and his crew are to be heard playing down at The Front on a Monday evening (take a wonder down one day, they’re fantastic fun). To some, listening to this particular hour of madness will brighten even the worst day and will introduce you to some of the most exciting, lyrical and thought-provoking music you’ve ever heard. Guaranteed no Mozart or Cheeky girls, it’s definitely worth a listen. You have been told!

Mission statement “To make people smile and melt Matthew's aerial”

Previous Jobs

Ha, Paper Boy

What would you do if you won the lottery?

I win every week by spendind a pound on myself

What would listeners be surprised to learn about you?

I'm nutty

Who would you most like to be stuck in a lift with?

Anybody except the lift repair man cos he wouldn't be out there to fix it
Julie Murphy because she has such a beautiful voice and is such a lovey person

What is your worst habit?

Very good at forgetting things

Tell us about your first car

Morris Minor with leather seats
Wish i still had it

Tell us about your first record

John Martyn Solid Air
Actually my second but not a bad choice for a young lad
Still one of my favourites

Tell us about your first job

Picking grapes and drinking wine

What is your favourite food ?

Piquant Fish Chowder

What is your favourite place around Falmouth / Penryn?

Rosemullion Head

What is your favourite band ?

Eilen Jewell
Robson Banda and the New Black Eagles
lots of other things

What is your favourite TV show ?

Transatlantic Sessions

What is your favourite film ?

War Horse


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