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Pirate Pete was born "non-pirate" in the swinging 60's, but the only swinging he did was in the local park ( still true to this day I might add). Music was always a massive influence from the strange metamorphesis of the Beatles, through the sheer excitement of glam and punk, to the jaw dropping discovery you could get whole albums of guitar led rock music not just what appeared in the charts ( someone lent me "Physical Graffiti"...what a baptism of fire !).
Rock music became my first true love as well as mainstream chart stuff, a Saturday job in the local library helped with access to free music on cassette ( a perk of the job ) ....oh joy. I began to dabble with the guitar and found AC/DC songs fairly accessible to play along with . I continued recording my fave tracks from the Top 40 every week, and still have a colletion of some 30 C90's of chart hits which still play well.
The fire still blazes bright with my 2 hour show on the Source and a regular slot at the Monday night jam session at the Prince of Wales which I love....power to the Pirate !!


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