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A great lover of music and people, Simon grew up in Zimbabwe, where music 'flows in the blood' and he has always been passionate about it.

Simon says: "Sadly I am not a musician and can’t sing in tune (I can’t even talk in tune!) - As such my contribution to music has always been producing, managing, and recording. I can also play the drums (after a fashion!) and am a reasonably good percussionist."
Simon's day job as a business software designer / writer / marketer demands a high level of people and communication skills. He finds this easy as "I love speaking with clients at all levels in businesses and analysing and resolving their problems! I think it is this background that has helped me to take the About You show to where it is."

Although Simon really loves presenting 2 shows on Source FM, his real passion is in production and event organisation. It is this passion, mixed with his love of local music, musicians, theatre and performance which has inspired him, together with Jules Kay and the Source FM team to drive the Parklive event forward. This is an event that Source are putting on with the town on the last Sunday of each of the summer months, April to September. It showcases local musicians and performers, it's held in Kimberly Park and free to all of our community!

"I also love reporting on community events and do so regularly for Nick Dent and Andy Coote.
Another passion is to take the Source out into the community, and as such, I am often seen out producing and sometimes presenting Source outside broadcasts. Our record live transmission was 10.5 hours from the Haiti benefit concert at the Princess Pavilions. We currently support and broadcast from a few regular events such as the Shanty Festival."

Simon feels privileged to be the representative to the members of Source on the board.

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Simons Bio: I was bought up in Africa and have always lived and loved music. I have played drums since the age of about 12, and been in several bands. I managed the number two band in Harare, Zimbabwe for 2 years before leaving for the UK. My 1st radio experience was at the age of about 8/10 years old, where I constructed a very basic studio and broadcast from my bedroom to my mother in the kitchen (yes I know, but we all have to start somewhere!) - Whilst in London (end of the 70's) I founded Radio Y International (the internal broadcasting service of the London Central YMCA) - It was a fun station, and a number of currently well known radio and TV people started there! Sadly after 2 years producing and presenting, reality kicked in and I had to go and earn a living. Radio Y was possibly one of the first community radios stations and as such we all worked for free. I did no more Radio (except for a brief 6 months on Duchy Hospital Radio Service in the 80's) until I started with the Source. I have, however done a fair amount of recording with bands helping to make basic demos and a bit of sound engineering for shows etc. I have also worked in the production teams of several live music events.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Age old question, lots probably, but would certainly continue with the community projects that I work on.

Also would be very impressed as dont often buy tickets!!

What would listeners be surprised to learn about you?


Who would you most like to be stuck in a lift with?

Billy Connelly!

What is your worst habit?

Biting my nails? - Depends on viewer perspective I guess!

Tell us about your first car

A proper VW - It had no petrol guage, a reserve tank and the small window at the back! - I drove all over Southern Africa in it for 4 months!

Tell us about your first record

Cant remember - Probably in Athletics at school!

Tell us about your first job

First proper job was designing communication systems!

What is your favourite food ?

Love good Pasta dishes and Salads etc - Like most food!

What is your favourite place around Falmouth / Penryn?

There are so many! - Love my home though... (Does that count?)

What is your favourite band ?

Now I would be in big trouble if I said that... there are so many especially the local ones, Grace Notes, Peoples String Foundation, All the Fires, Fire Island Pines are just a few high on the list!

What is your favourite TV show ?

That changes from week to week, Recently, Blandings, Modern Family, Family Guy, American Dad, Dexter, Breaking Bad, The Wire are just a few!

What is your favourite film ?

Again too many to mention - Blues Brothers comes to mind... Not enough time to add the rest!


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About You About you is a program created to meet and get to know members of our community. You know the feeling, you go about you daily life, constantly crossing the paths of people such as the postman, taxi driver, your doctor or the person who served you that lovely cup of coffee or piece of cake. You also see people in the press or hear of people who have achieved something for or in the community. They sound interesting... you think, I wonder who they are or what they are like? Well the ‘About...
Inside Local Music Inside Local Music is the program that keeps you up to date with the Local Music scene.  We visit local music venues, listen too and speak with the artists and then play the results on the show for your enjoyment! We also have a feature called 'Live at 35'! - This bit of the show is designed to let local artists showcase their talents!  We invite them to our little studio (Studio 35... see where we are going with this?) and set them up to do recording - What they play is what you... 1

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Inside Local music - Inside the Grapes The Grapes in Falmouth, and The Source (Falmouth and Penryn’s Community Radio Station) are proud to present Inside Local Music at the Grapes on Thursday 11th June 2009 at 8pm. Inside Local Music is a program broadcast on The Source (96.1FM or on Monday nights between 6pm and 7:30pm. The program was conceived to promote the interests of the live music scene in the Source area. The ‘Live at Grapes’ evening will showcase four original and unique local acts. These are... 1
Inside Local Musics new Album. Inside Local Music are proud to announce the Launch of our Album 'ILM's Live at 35 - The Album - Vol 1' Regular listeners of the show will be aware that we invite local artists to our secret location that is Studio 35. We do a 'live' recording with them and also interview them. We then play the interview and tunes on the show in our 'Live at 35' feature!  The feature has been so popular with local musicians that in the 6 months we have been doing this feature we have created nearly 70... 1
Parklive #3 - June 2013 The video is now available for viewing!