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Sophie moved down to Cornwall in 2011 to do a masters in Professional Writing at UCF and took the opportunity to focus on scriptwriting. Before this, she had lived in London since 1989. Sophie had an art exhibition at Lauderdale House, Highgate, in 1994 and moved to Crouch End. Her local shop even featured in Shaun of the Dead! Going to four secondary schools meant that Sophie had to write an imperative CV, and in 2004 she embarked on a 6 month career management course to find better employment in London. Sophie has always enjoyed painting, music, comedy and writing; "so I found getting regular income very difficult." After the career management course, she got a job on diversity careers magazines and gained much information on graduate opportunities for people with disabilities. Finding that being freelance in London meant lots of distraction, high cost of living and lots of time spent travelling around, Sophie thought that Cornwall would be an excellent place for someone who is both creative and social. Sophie says "The best thing I learned from my masters degree was to keep developing one piece of work to a high standard and getting professional feedback, instead of trying to write lots of different pieces, as I would do before." Sophie currently writes press releases for Fish Factory Arts Space.

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Enhancing Your Chances In every how-to book is information about how to do what you probably already do, otherwise why would you be interested? This show looks at gateways into your chosen creative careers. Original material by comedians and musicians and events in Cornwall will feature and I'll look at creative careers: music, writing, comedy, theatre, dancing (no personal experience), cookery, film, production, visual art, plus current and unexpected ones that your careers officer might not mention. I'll be...
Sophie's Laughing Alarm Clock Wake up with a smile every Tuesday morning in the company of Sophie Sweatman... 3