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They don't come any more authentic than Tash Berks, tune in and listen to her great music, spirit and honesty. The music for her show is that Friday feeling and will get you in the mood for dancing into the weekend. You will hear Tash's thoughts and observations throughout her week in the world of running a second hand bookshop, singing and passionate positivity. The quote "the gift of the gab" was tailor made for Tash.. in a nice way.

Previous Jobs

launderette proprietor, restauranter, estate agent, retail, chalk packer, waitress with attitude, cook and avocado picker. Presently a second hand bookshop owner/dealer.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Panic I love things just as they are and striving for more with creativity.

What would listeners be surprised to learn about you?

I would like to be an opera singer

Who would you most like to be stuck in a lift with?

someone panicking, it will help me take my mind off me panicking

What is your worst habit?

Coming up with marvellous ideas and letting them go

Tell us about your first car

mini metro van for my laundry deliveries.

Tell us about your first record

guy mitchell tape. I was 8. My first record was Wings 'silly loves songs' I was 10

Tell us about your first job

washing my dads pub floor before school and emptying the fag machine the cost of a packet in a vending machine back then was £1.20 no pound coins it had to be 2x 50p and 2 x 10p.

What is your favourite food ?

Provedore's squid

What is your favourite place around Falmouth / Penryn?

my shop corner 'buzz corner'

What is your favourite band ?

"how many bands in this world? an impossible question

What is your favourite TV show ?

Hay sessions.

What is your favourite film ?

Singing in the rain.


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The Tash Berks Show 40
The Tash Berks Show I get the most from life and squeeze every moment dry and embrace them all, even the bad ones.  I am passionate about our high streets and the beauty they bring that maybe many dont notice until they are gone.  My show is about my feelings, observations and wonderful things I hear and see.  I think I am a lucky lady and quite content and hopefully this comes over on my show.  It's on a Friday and I am trying to create, encourage and dance our way into the Friday feeling....