The Bob Seymour Show

Bob SeymourBob is a professional working musician, regularly playing gigs in venues in and around Cornwall.  He’ll be drawing tracks from own extensive music library, which covers a wide spectrum of music genres, including some very rare Blues, Rock, Soul, Reggae, Folk, Country, Jazz and Pop. 

His show promises to pamper your ears with a great mix of music, whatever your taste, so why not tune in and have a listen?





On - Monday FROM 11:00 TO 13:00


Hi Bob,

Thank you fpor playing that, Jonathan doesn't get much air play these days, I really appreciate your support. I'm listening to the show as I work in my office creating Christmas cards for clients. I also like Nillson, The point was a nice album, rarely gets played anymore, I remember the cartoon that went with it. I'll keep listening, so keep it coming. All the best. Gerald

Stevie Guitar Miller - my all time main man. Ta!!

Just turned on (Maaaan) and first thing I heard was the incomparable Bonnie singing a song by the equally incomparable Gerry. Incomparable!!

Hope you get this whilst you are on air - 

I´m now re-broadcasting you to the natives here - 700 watts of Bob Seymour in Valencia !!
Yeah baby !!!
Are they ready for you??
I doubt it.... Ha!!
Sounding GREAT -
Keep up the great broadcasting !!!
Kev of Valencia 


Hi Kev,

Well senor, what can I say?

I'm overwhelmed!

Muchos gracias,amigo!

Hey, senor Kev, you said it all!

What can I say but "gracias muchos, amigo!!"


Just listened to Bob Seymour - great show - especially liked Harvest for the World - havn't heard that in an age - but loved it all - loving your work bob !! Pat and Rich - St Just

Hi Bob,

About 2 months ago we met in a pub in Falmouth (don't know the name anymore) You played there. We're the guys of the Boot recordings project. Hope you can remember... :) We'd like to record you, but it didn't work out that moment due to... I d on't know anymore. Anyway. From 20-28 October we are in Falmouth again to do recordings for a whole week. Would be cool to meet you again, doing a recording or maybe you can help us by broadcasting the recordings. Or in another way. Well, hope to hear from you!

Cheers! Evert & Ron 

"Magic Carpet Ride" PLEASE!!! (And if you have the live one .  .  . )

Ta fer 't Beefheart!

I think you might be lucky


Hi Bob - re Spirit,  ever hear Kaptain Kopter ? Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.


Dave Sugarbeet asked me whether it's true that Bob Dylan will be popping in soon?

Hi Dave,

Well you know virtually anything's possible on The Bob Seymour Show so I won't rule it out.  I hope you enjoyed the show. Once I get a bit more experience, I must have you in for a session!



Just tuned in and the first thing I hear is a bit of Bonnie Raitt. Bodes well! Any chance of some early Steve Miller at some point?


I'm glad you liked the Bonnie Raitt track. I must admit to being a huge fan of hers.  I also happen to love Steve Miller's music so I'll definitely be including a track on the next show. If you send me your name and song choice, I'll even put in a dedication, how's that?

Kind regards,