Collective Source


The Collective Source

Friday 6-8pm

I like to think of the show as a multi-cultural love fest.

I think that the tunes are great (naturally), and are an eclectic mix of jazz, reggae, soul, funk, and rare grooves.

We aim to spread news of any issues that may inform the Black and Minority Ethnic communities in Cornwall.

There are plans to include interviews, health news, and more.

I hope that the show will become more interactive for the whole community.  So feel free to contact us;  or text 07515580002, and you can always get us through Source F.M.

I would love to hear from you, it’s our show.

One Love


On - Friday FROM 18:00 TO 20:00


This is a feel good show for me, it takes the stresses of the week and gives me a music massage. It's gorgeous, I love it!

Thanks Dean :-)

What a brilliant selection of music. I 'm really enjoying the show.
William Overman. (Redruth)

Great tunes while i beaver away at work, trying not to tap in tune as i use the keboard

karan Worthing

if you havent allready, check out " soul talk" ernie mckone and gary poole,cool british soul and reel peoples golden lady,not quite as good as thier first album "second guess" album but worth a listen. looking forward to friday.all the best, BENSON

Hi Dean - looking forward to tuning in for the first time tomorrow! Would you be able to mention that our family group, Kowetha, will be meeting up at Ludgvan School Family Centre on Saturday 11-2pm. We'll share food and there will be toys for the kids. Also, Eve will be showing us some Afro hair styling ideas and Naomi Pascoe is coming along to talk to young people about support available. Bring a plate of food!
God Bless ,

well im just so excited, got the alarm set and have the best collection of tunes yet. You know what makes us feel good...the tunes master commin at ya..

Peace Dean

You are playing some great sounds and doing a great job


Sweet sweet soul.........

one love

Hi Dean, just got home from prepping the RECC stuff for roll out, thankyou for your input and support, its really appreciated, can I ask for a track called... Sab Vird Caro Allah Allah, by Nusrat Fateh Ali kan. Some years ago I played this track to a client and he jumped up and went histerical shouting my God, My God, and it just so happened to be his God. For me the voice and prescence of this great man gives immense pleasure despite it not being my God... But who cares... One love... Colin

Just made it home from the Rat Race to tune in to some tunes... Hope your well man and say a big HI to those friends known and unknown ! Especially the guys doing the RECC education drive in Cornwall that I feel so lucky to have met and be working with, towards the common goal!!!!
love Colin