Enhancing Your Chances

Enhancing Your ChancesIn every how-to book is information about how to do what you probably already do, otherwise why would you be interested? This show looks at gateways into your chosen creative careers. Original material by comedians and musicians and events in Cornwall will feature and I'll look at creative careers: music, writing, comedy, theatre, dancing (no personal experience), cookery, film, production, visual art, plus current and unexpected ones that your careers officer might not mention. I'll be bringing in guests to talk about what they do in these areas of work and how they got there. The main focuses of this show will be what other sources seldom cover: the secrets of job ads, submission protocol, what does silence mean, how long do you wait for a response? Selling yourself. The value of feedback and interpreting a professional response to your work. Subjects covered include good CV writing, fast track job applications, letter writing, and job interview technique. There will be a psychological thread to this show.


On - Friday FROM 14:00 TO 15:30