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Greetings Green Show,

Firstly, my name is George and I am currently helping with “The Watt Next? All Things Being Eco Show.”

The Watt Next show is Marlow FM's flagship green issues and resourceful futures programme, brought to you every Monday night - 7pm to 9pm - by Marlow FM's Environment Editor, Dave Hampton.

I have been contacting as many green/eco shows around the UK – looking for new connections and also promoting the “Ecocide Rap” by J1P. Basically its a rap song with a big eco purpose - to get person in the street thinking about eco issues - and what we can do about it (ecocide law).

Eradicating Ecocide

If you visit this link, you can download the song as an mp3.

It would be fantastic if you could play this on your show - promote through social media – pass onto friends - just any way to help promote the campaign really!

Also, it would be great to have some more contacts in the address book to network with! If you send back your social media link(s) then maybe we could connect?  After all - it can't do any harm for all of us green/eco shows to be better inter-connected.

Kind Regards

Watt Next

(George -

Dear Pete,

My name is Michael.
I like listening to your Show on the Radio. I think you made very clear how serious the issue regarding the Cornwall Local Plan is. What is needed is support.

Possibly you are interested that one way to protect the local area is a local Framework Plan or Neighbourhood Plan. This is the only way to define areas excluded for developments. The initiative Falmouth by Design under the lead of Christopher Smith (CSA Architects) prepared a document which is not sufficient enough to direct development.

May have a look at the Falmouth Civic Society. Prof Mike Jenks tries to have an impact on the Falmouth and Penryn Town Council. However, it seems there are other interests as well.

the promised link, i hope you enjoy.