Inside Local Music

Inside Local Music is the program that keeps you up to date with the Local Music scene. 

We visit local music venues, listen too and speak with the artists and then play the results on the show for your enjoyment!

We also have a feature called 'Live at 35'! - This bit of the show is designed to let local artists showcase their talents!  We invite them to our little studio (Studio 35... see where we are going with this?) and set them up to do recording - What they play is what you hear, there is no mix-down or post production so it is like you are there!

It is a great opportunity for the local artists and also a chance for you to listen to and find out more about the performers that you know and love as well as discovering new talent.

If you are a performer and want to be recorded, please contact

We have our Own Website - We now have our own site to promote the artists who have been featured on the show! - It is at 

Its easy to switch on the box and see the same old program week in and week out. It used to be worth doing this on Thursday nights when Top of the Pops was on, but now you can have much more fun going out to one of the open mic nights and joining in or just enjoying the great music scene that Falmouth, Penryn and surrounding areas offer.

We are so lucky living in an area with probably the most comprehensive selection of music performances of anywhere in Britain.

And we offer you a guide to the whole experience at Inside Local Music... Miss it at your peril!

Special News

If you miss the program, you may listen to the features again, by going to This is a special website that has been setup to promote what is on at all the local venues in the Source area. If you would like to get your event listed, please visit the site and click on contact.

Inside Local Music - Inside the Grapes

Thursday June 11th 2009 was a first for both The Source and Inside Local Music. We took the show to the Grapes pub in Falmouth! - It was a great night for all. Guests were able to watch the show being setup and from 9pm till 10pm witness the actual recording.

We had a great line-up of artists including Wayne Lampshire, Ultrateeze, Sam Burbury and The Heathens.

The show is due for transmission on Monday 15th June (6pm to 7pm) with the repeat being on Wednesday 17th June at 12pm.

A big thanks is due to the following...

  • Ross (loan of the PA system)
  • Emma - Outside broadcast producer for ILM
  • Barney - Sound Engineer for ILM
  • Falmouth Univertisty Camera Team for the video
  • Leanda and all the staff at the Grapes
  • Matthew - The Station Manager of the Source for all his hard work
  • and of course all the artists who gave of their time freely to make the event such a sucess!

The following photos will give all who were there a pleasent reminder of what turned out to be a GREAT evening!


Wayne Lampshire


Sam Burbury

The Heathens

Photo taken by Emma Phillips (Producer ILM) - More to follow in the future - Also a video will be available on Youtube... Watch this space!


Live at 35 - Hitchcock Rules

Live at 35 is a feature that is capturing the imagination of lots of local artists - We are doing some great sessions with some really cool groups... The following pics were from the Hitchcock Rules session (to be played on Monday 20th April)


Some photos are copyright SaMooreDesigns 2009 - All rights reserved





On - Thursday FROM 17:00 TO 18:00


Hi Simon and Pete

My son Euan was featured on Season Two, Show Six when he played the squeezebox in Fin McCoul's pub on 6 July 2009 - you were doing a sound check that night for a forthcoming show. I don't suppose you have any photos of that night we could have? I was just looking at your website and thought I would ask.

You might be interested to hear he got 1st in the Scottish Fleadh competitions recently!

Thanks for your help.
Edna Docherty