Lost in Space

Squinting into the darken expanse, without the aid of GPS, just remember, no one can hear you playing Pink Floyd in space. Just as well, because we're way much more hip/weird/deranged/misguided and generally out there (in space) to be playing any of that sorta nonsense. So join us as we mix it up, choose our fave tracks from a classic album, do the do on the DJ 2 DJ face off challenge, and It's Crap But I Like It. Plus Minimal Corner (if the other two let me get away with it). Captain Paul, Captain Tom and Captain Adam will be fighting over the joy stick on Source 96.1 F.M. or at http://www.thesourcefm.co.uk/listen on the net 9.30 p.m. to 11.30.p.m every Thursday. Heckle us on twitter @lostinspace99 x


On - Thursday FROM 21:30 TO 23:30


Me and my friend both know its students thursday night out,but we are enjoying the time in our cozy kitchen, eating some salmon, cooking some tea and listening to your radio. And freaking out because we have to google search lyrics of every song you play! Do you maybe have published a playlist somewhere to make our life easier?

Hi there,

thank you for your comments with regards to our show and my apologies for causing a freak out 8-). In answer to your request for a playlist, we don't really tend to be that organised that we have a playlist as such. With the current flavour of the A to Z of music in our collection, it seems to be what fits intuitively with what's going on at the time. I personally tend to do a freefall style set (if i am playing on my own) , starting somewhere almost quite random and then going with the musical flow. for me that works well, because i enjoy a flow of mood, flavour, colour and musical emotion. So invariably i will go armed with many tunes and play from that selection. We do try and tell our listeners what we're playing at the time, although i am often guilty of 'letting the music talk' and just playing my tunes without too much interruption.

Thankfully all of that can be backed up with 'listen again', so if you know which show it is that you where listening to, perhaps you could let us/me know and i could work out what it is we played, and let you know. 

You can also join us on the Lost In Space Facebook page, and let us know what you think, post stuff you like etc.

Once again , thankyou for your kind words, hope all my ramblings have helped?

best wishes Paul