Musical Allsorts

‘Musical Allsorts’ will be a programme of music chosen from across the spectrum to suit all tastes...

On - Monday FROM 13:00 TO 15:00


Hi Jimmy, Just to let you know that i listened to your show and thoroughly enjoyed everybit. Thanks so much for playing those songs for me, especially Three Steps to Heaven. You are such a lovely man, thanks so much. Sue x

Hi Jimmy

Can't listen to today's show yet as the recording is not yet online! Your time slot makes it difficult to listen live as we're 8 hours behind time wise and I don't think getting up at 5 a.m. is really me!!! So not a morning person! Just to let you know, it's fun to hear your choices and good to hear your voice even if it's only over the airwaves. Hopefully I'll be in the UK soon and will make sure I drop in on you and Elaine. Take care, my friend and keep up the good work! 




Dear Ruth,

Thanks for the message and I am glad you enjoy listening to Source FM, (Musical Allsorts in particular !!!!) we are from an age when good music was the norm and even todays gerneration like it.

If there is any particular artiste you like please let me know and I will play on air and dedicate to you my listener from Canada. Theres "kudos" for you.

Please let us know when you are back in the "Holy Land" we can then have a nice cup of tea and a long chat.

Regards to R


"Kenow Kensa"

Love ya



Hello Jimmy -
Laurie & Judy at the Flicka Foundation suggested I contact you about two of their visitors last Wednesday.  Their names are Jean & Bob Harrison, and they run a similar animal rescue shelter in India called “The Asswin Project”.  

This is the link to their website….

Laurie spent two weeks in India at The Asswin Project last autumn, and thought you may like to speak with them as part of your show on Monday.

Judy said you like a good story, and these two certainly do!
RSVP if you are interested, or phone me on 07840-750314.

Yours sincerely,  Malcolm Noble
Chairman, The Asswin Project




Jean & Bob with a recent rescue

I Jimmy thanks for playing my request loved it I was singing out loud from start to finish.



Jan x

Hi Jimmy,

Thanks so much for my song - really appreciate it! Only managed to hear it now as been out of the country, made me smile. 



Loving the show today Jimmy. Loving the Barry White number playing right now. You dude.

James says thanks for his Manhatton transfer.

Cags and Jamesy x