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 Dave the rave. i made a comment yesterday about him, but it wasent published. so you cant say what you think about this show. if you dident like the show. free speech still lives in cornwall, but not on this show it seems. tell the truth but dont get herd lol.

Thanks for the feedback. The comments here need to be approved by myself or the station manager before they appear on the website - to prevent spam - so you may have to wait a day or two before they appear. Dave stepped in yesterday at the last minute as Tony was ill and so had very little time for preparation. We've had people contact us saying they enjoyed the show, but you are of course entitled to your opinion and we welcome all feedback.


Jerry Padfield
Studio Manager, Source FM

Hi tony sorry you wasent well today, hope you get better soon. i like it best when Tony is doing the show on his own, are with mike, as you gel great together, 2 people that are similar in ways and customs etc. but i got to say this new show with dave the rave is a terrible show, his voice is very grinding etc. you feel like going to sleep on it. and he doesent talk about politics, and issues with this goverment, and sticking up for peoples human rights, like tony does. i might listen to tonys show for a hour after dave the rave show when dave the rave has finished i,m afraid. sorrys about these comments here, but just being honest about the way i feel, and letting you all no this online thanks.


hi tony please dont stick up for Atos and the goverment under Cameron they are not doing a good job things or worst then ever.

Thanks for listening and your comment. I don't think Tony was sticking up for ATOS - as a broadcaster he is obliged to represent the different sides of any argument, no matter what his personal views on the subject. The problems that some people have with ATOS were certainly discussed in depth on the programme and Tony was merely putting the other point of view.

Jerry Padfield
Studio Manager, Source FM

i listerned to your show today but no mention about benifit cuts, and changes to diffirent benifits. plus atos not doing as they should. and cornwall council are putting up councill tax by 25%. plus the bedroom tax no mention about any of these subjects as you normaly do very disapointed tony if mike comes back will you be talking more about these things again i hope you will and you need to help people fight these cuts dont you.

Thank you so much for having such a wonderful guest on today. I thought he was splendid and so very interesting. His band was wonderful, too, and I can not wait to hear them live.

I do hope that he is as handsome as he sounds.

Please have him on again.

Lots of love,
Wayne the Guest

Great show tony mike was ok but tony was great as allways keep it up boy. ok hope to see conservitive mp on next week show to grill them on budget if you can.

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Great show again tony boy i loved the bits about the cornish this is cornwall not the tamar. and the music on your show was great and the musician on your show was great. and great poetry etc. and the women in penryn gallery was ace. keep this up boy. one thing i thought there was a conservitive person coming in but i dident think he turned up yer come on lets grill these rubbish conservitive members. i never have voted conservitive its all celts nationalist for me boy. hope you get a conservitive on your show soon and i love to phone in to grill them soon cheers tony boy. be seeing you lad.

well  done tony boy great show again. lets protect the celtic nations. lets get this conservitive goverment out they are destroying our communities now. cameron is a idiot and is worst prime minister ever. get a politition on tony boy lets grill them soon i talk to you soon boy.

what a refreshing show. listened monday 18th July. interesting political discussion and well managed by Mike, with measure, humour and intelligence.

well done one and all!

Having just come across this by accident while on holiday in Cornwall I must say I will be listening to it avidly on podcast when we get back to Cheshire!

How do they keep it up? This parody of local radio "Wurzel FM", or the like is amazing. Did Loic Rich the councillor know he was being sent up?


Albert and Brenda Willoughby.

Mike C and Tony L I hope you have the balls when interviewing Mr Rich to clear up the twitter saga

Thanks again Tony & Mike for making me so welcome on your show today, & especially for the delicious cuppa! It was a pleasure meeting & speaking with you both.

I hope our next info sessions will be packed full of people keen to share & learn.

Have fun, warm wishes, Niki Mitchell
Dementia Carer Trainer
Outlook Southwest

Thanks fellers - thought it went well and I congratulate you both - thought you were most professional.

John the Fish

Hi mike/tony

would it possible to give me a ring some time as i would like a bit of advice/help
01872 276042
i will be away sunday lunch time `till tue after my show