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Liking the Mamas ansd Papas remix guys.
(Pride marquee bar b***h)
Chris x

Hey Guys

If you want a bouncy castle we can use Neils tummy,,,,, great show....

lots of love from Mr Chairman

x x x Thanks for your support guys x x x

It may be a bit of a downer for you to have to mention HIV and world aids day on your show, as you said Al.
However for one day of the year maybe a little more could have been put forward, maybe mention the local hiv charity kps, or even mention the gu clinic.
How about the stigma....................etc etc

it may be a bit of a downer , but highly necessary to be raised and discussed , knowledge = power , to be informed is to be in control , it is consciousness raising and far to often is ignored . It is a duty to raise awareness , it saves lives. :)
Dave Plymouth

Thanks for your comment Anon, and sorry for the late reply (didnt even realise we had a comments function on here!)

First of all - sorry if it sounded like we treated World AIDS Day lightly. That absolutely wasn't the intention - HIV is something very close to both of our hearts and as such something we talk about almost every week on the show, paying particular attention to promote the good work both the GU clinic and indeed Kernow Positive Support do. It's really important people are aware of the full facts around HIV and where to get help and support, and we as an LGBT and wider community show understanding for those living with the virus. It's something Steve & I pay attention to and promote throughout the year on the show, in our day jobs and in our own lives. HIV is for life - not just for Christmas.

We were very mindful on the evening of the 2nd December that World AIDS day had taken place on the 1st, and i was sure we had included enough content on the evenings show to reflect World AIDS Day historically, nationally and more importantly - locally. Our impression was not to make it seem "a bit of a downer" but also to keep it in balance with the usual mix of lively news, chat and music (which we also reflected the theme by playing music that evoked how HIV had changed through the 28 years of so of its existence in the UK)

Once again, really sorry if you thought we trivialised World AIDS Day or didnt give enough information. Neither was our intention. The feedback is much appreciated Anon - and we'll bear it in mind for future features. Cheers, Al.

Last nights show was entertaining and informative - thanks

Thanks for playing that for us Al - We know it was painful for you!! lol. Really loved it xxxx