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Hi Rose

Got a message that you tried to call me earlier, but the number I was given was a digit short. Could you give me a call back? I have to leave today at 3.00pm but any time before then I will be here.


Many thanks



Dear Rose, 

I hope all is well in sunny Cornwall. And Finally are back in Falmouth this autumn and I wondered if you would consider doing much the same as before ? Please could let me know if you can help ?

All the best


Made on a shoestring, Distance is the debut album from The Jonathan Stafford Band.  With their roots in the small coastal towns of South East Cornwall, the wild, beautiful surroundings inspire a poetic and mesmerising new sound.  These five young musicians weave together a compelling soundscape, with each composition inviting the listener into a musical diary/realm of emotion.


Jonathan Stafford’s haunting acoustic-folk music and the delicate innocence of Corinna Elleschild’s guest vocals contrasts well with the hard-core/metal background of Tom Bromley, Phoenix Elleschild and George Martin, contributing towards a raw and energetic live show.


Described as a ‘singer songwriter of exceptional talent’, Jonathan Stafford’s vocal elasticity, song craft and meticulous arrangements are a breath of fresh air in an increasingly overly manufactured industry. He was offered a ‘scouted audition’ for BBC 1’s The Voice in June 2013 but declined the offer to appear on the show preferring instead to focus on his own compositions.

Hi Rose, thank you and Val for your wonderful review of our music and live performance! I'm really looking forward to coming in and doing a live session on the 22nd, will be good to meet you all!

Will be on the Livewire stage at Boardmasters this friday from 5-6!

Thanks again,

Jonathan Stafford

Happy to play your music & will be great to get you in for a live session :)

Jerry Padfield
Studio Manager, Source FM

Hi Rose,

Jill here from north Wales. Great show, you are a lady of many tallents. Say hi to Dave, i am bathing his best mate Basil listening to your show.

Keep up the great music...x x

Jill x x

Hey Rose, we're listening from Melbourne, lovely to hear your voice!! You think your houses are bad? We live in tin sheds :) Hope you're well me lover xxx Lou and Tom

Hiya Rose, listening for the first time in sunny Brunny, Victoria, Australia. How good is it to hear your voice and remember all the fun with all your friends in Falmouth and (I cant remember all the towns). Best holiday I've ever had, thanks to you and Tom and Lou and all the others. Keep up the good work, Janice


Just realised I could log in here and comment ... great show ... listening all the way downunder in New Zealand  xx

Really good show this morning, first time listening and was realy good to hear the relaxing calming music and the voice to compliment it. Really glad I tuned in to listen now, Definately joining to listen again

Thank you so much for your feed back ., we aim to please where possible and entertain , with out all the adverts and distraction , Please keep listening , there are some really good shows on the Source . Pure and Natural !! Just like us lot down here in Sunny Falmouth !!

Thanks for the positive feedback it's always very appreciated! I hope you find more to enjoy on Source FM...

Source FM

Good morning darling,please play Simply the Best Tina Turner! to remind us of the good times!! Love you Aunty Lalerie XX

I want hear more about you on this radio station.



was great



Cool music - You're brightening up a very dull day - great wether for meerkats - keep up the good work
Anne Admirer

WEATHER - me keyboard's damp too

Rose your great! a natural flowing chatter box to listen to whilst getting on with it all with the kids, thank you! Cassx

Thanks Cass , if I can brighten up your day then my show has not been in Vain . xxx