Self Help Help Yourself

Self help help yourself

An hour and a half to improve your self-worth, monetary status, standing in the community and personal odour. No previous experience required. Standing room only. The value of your internal image may go up as well as down. This is not a test signal, do not adjust your set. Guaranteed to clean the areas of your soul other shows do not reach. To quote Charlie Parker, flip flop floogie with the floor joy.
Warning: musical output may include dangerously bad mixes of your favourite tunes mashed with regional dialect spoken word recordings. Offence is not unknown. Record speeds may vary. Glad language and scenes of a textual nature present in this programme from the beginning.
Also conataining: The Ivor Cutler moment @ 6.25pm - Storytime @ 6.39pm - The Mix at Six @ 7pm - Tip Top Top Tips advice for DIY transcendence in 16 weekly steps.

On - Thursday FROM 18:00 TO 19:30


Have you got any of John Shuttleworths pearls of wisdom for us? Failing that anything by moog cookbook.


We're doing the mashed patata in Cadiz. Your Spanish fan base digging the show. Hasta the next show, baby

ey up Jules,dead chuffed to have won the tickets and the famous 5 went down a storm with my mob,top show-keep it up and appologies to the robot for stealing his thunder.All the best Nick (de Brovnig)

Loved this week's show robot - kids in america is my desert island disc - never heard the whole ivor the engine theme - every bit of the show SUBLIME.

Call me suspicious but I think that Drewzy character is your robotic good self. However I'm quite sure Clanger cann't possibly be you, Drewzy's just a few noises but Clanger's a whole personality...

We like your tunes and chat, it makes us laugh keep up the good work. x x x

Due to popular demand SelfHelp HelpYOurself is now one hour LATER than before.....
Now from 6 - 7.30pm
Trouble with your treble? Try tripping your trifle.

d r e w z y