Super Gran's Disco

Source fm is preparing to turn back the clock as we host a 1920s to1950s themed radio request show

Hosted by Source FM presenter Supergran (aka Glenys McMahon) we will be forwarding the fabulous sounds of the real golden oldies.

Glenys McMahon is famous in Cornwall for her ‘Supergran’ discos where she plays music for older people, either at private parties, or functions in residential homes and day centres. She is now taking to the airwaves to reach an even larger number of people across the county with her Radio Request Show on Source FM.

Source FM first broadcast in February 2009 and is designed to give a voice to the Falmouth and Penryn community. Broadcasting on 96.1FM, Source FM is entirely run by volunteers with a packed schedule of music, chat, games, and shows at all times of the day and night.

On - Tuesday FROM 15:00 TO 17:00


Please could you play anything by that great group of yesteryear - The Skyliners ! They were fabulous !

Mike @ The One & All Programme

did you get the CD i did for you...Happy new year

Got him singing along - good show

Mum you over ran tonight, I hope the boys didn't mind too much

hello gleny it,s stephen here just listing to you now on the internet just want to say a grate show keep it up i like 80,s music as well all the best from stephen toms freind. ps i know my spelling needs to be better.

Having listened to today's show I did like the personal touch with the family dedications, recordings of real people. Keep up the good work

I you or your family and friends have any requests


Here, facebook or 01872276042

Sorry I missed the first part of the show but as you know we were traveling back from Wales - made it just in time though.


At least you managed to hear the end of the show, thanks for listening!

Don't forget if you want to leave any requests for the show you can do that right here.

I can't guarantee I'll be able to play it but I promise I'll try.