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The Tash Berks Show

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Madam Smirks on the tunes

Madam Smirks on the tunes

Adam's a G

Adam's a straight up G pdawg ;)

Great show

Hi Cousin.... here in Soho London loving the show well done x

So pleased you enjoyed the

So pleased you enjoyed the show I hope I set you up well for the weekend.  xx

You just made me laugh. Thanks !

The story about the boy and the bogey on the back of the chair . . From Ben in Suffolk  (is your show live)?

Thanks for listening Ben!


Hello Ben sorry for delayed reply, have been away.  Yes the show is live and I wing it every week and every second. Glad I made you giggle.  How did you hear about the station?
Tash from 3pm today


t berks

Keep these tunes coming!

Hot Dogs!

Coming through loud and clear in Tewkesbury!

Just a note on dogs on beaches. I work for a company that works with animal charities recovering dogs that have suffocated in hot cars. When will people realise they are putting their dogs lives in danger by leaving them in a hot car? It's the same as sticking them in an oven!

thanks for Listening in and

thanks for Listening in and only just got your email for some reason. Yes I think there is a case for both but unfortunatly will always be irresponsible owners who won't pick up the poo and I have trodden in quite alot on the beach growing up. Why do owners leave dogs in their cars? it doesnt make sense there are private beaches around that allow dogs. thanks for tuning in


Hi Tash. I talked to you in the bookstore the other day about the Balearic Disco night, ‘Boojum’, that Ben Delap and I are putting on in the Rugby Club (June 10th). Have you had a chance to listen to Dicky Trisco’s tracks and mixes at all? I thought you’d like it, but could be wrong...

Could you get back to Ben or to me about whether you would be interested in promoting the party on your show? If you are, I’m sure I could get hold of some new Disco Deviance releases to play and/or a mini-mix. All best, Ben.

yes will be interested in

yes will be interested in giving you a shout out/interview on my show. Remind me nearer the time. No I havent heard Dicky's stuff yet.

Nothing wrong with a gay

Nothing wrong with a gay couple kissin in a pub, everyones over 18 fgs!! Be different if it was in a public place where there are young children. And as for hetrosexual couples..... surely a kiss is a good thing????? Better than wife beating! Theres a place for everything as long as its not full on foreplay lol!! Sally hw.
PS thanks for the shout out! I'm at work. LOVE that last tune, want the cd.

at last a listener that

at last a listener that emails yey!!! thanks for that will read it out.

Yay! you're back on line!

Yay! you're back on line! I'm listening in at work between 3 and 4pm and looking forward to some funky friday stuff! Have a great weekend.
Love Sally H-W. xxxx

welcome aboard I hope you

welcome aboard I hope you come back and thanks for listening Sally x



You didn't tell me you had changed your time to 3p m but it suits me better seeing as I'm 5 hours behind you!



Sorry Bubs forgot to mention it. Mum and Dad are coming along to the stations awards ceremony today I was quite relaxed until I found out they were coming.

Tasha's photo

Tash, are you showing your knickers in your source photo? A concerned fan

I am happy to show my

I am happy to show my knickers but on this occasion thought best not to and decided to wear white denim cut off jeans. x

Pea Souk

We love Nicola's pumpkins and her cupcakes are really yummy too!!.... Seriously Pea Souk is an amazing place for us vegans and veggies alike.

Scooby and H from the Photography Stores University College Falmouth


I am not a vegetarian but agree her food is delish x

Matthew has told me you have

Matthew has told me you have agreed to put up my poster for the over 50s charity disco, thank you very much..if you get the chance to plug it any time i would be grateful
thanks Glenys (super grans disco)

poster on my shop door. Hope

poster on my shop door. Hope it goes well for you shame I can't come

80s music

hi rose tell tash to get some 80s music on you know the time warp im stuck in, ps its so weired listening to you xx


if it means losing a listener i may play 80's but it is not my era at all and cannot think of any such funky soulful 80's stuff I love. I will take a look. Thanks for listening though xx

Wish I had been told.........

That to be popular you didn't have to be pretty. I thought good only happened to attractive people. Awful eh? Annonymous

great show

hi tash sitting in my dinning room enjoying a great show up here in north wales the wheather is cold and wet today though the show is brightening the day up keep it up cheers. Dave (Roses brother)

Welcome aboard Dave. Rose is

Welcome aboard Dave. Rose is great at PR. glad you enjoyed it x

Enjoyed my weekly dose of the

Enjoyed my weekly dose of the Tash Berks Show (05th Feb 2010) Very funny this week...
Didn't hear any gulls this time. must of closed the window hehe. just kidding.
I was interested in the sciency stuff Tash! .. i like to follow interesting site.
Can I ask is Rick Steins new fish and chip shop going to promote produce from Falmouth.. Its good that he is investing in Falmouth
but It would be nice to see him promoting Falmouth with his name, and not his name with Falmouth.. if you know what I mean ?
Surprisingly a fish and chip shop can pull in lots of interest.. take Harry Ramsdens. But as your guest speaker noted, it probably
wont be just about good fish and chips.
People suck mints when their teeth can no longer chew gum, or they got no teeth to be getting worried about. think your still safe, maybe next year we'll both be popping minto's hehe
Aaron x

Aaron I know more about you

Aaron I know more about you in two weeks than 34 years or so of knowing you. I do like you comments. As for Rick stein who knows! doubt I will see him and I have a feeling it is his family running it and all about business only. I am off for a mint. x

Great Show. ty.

Italy Calling.
Really enjoyed your show today Tash (Friday 29th Jan). Very interesting stuff about cornwall's proud past.
Going up Camborne hill, Going down, the horses stood still, the wheels go round and round !
Goldsworthy Gurney .. a real name ? if I never heard on the Tash Berks show Id think i was having my leg pulled !
Amphibious new word of the week ! Definition: Able to operate both on land and in water...
Real life background Falmouthian sound effects of Seagulls and Car Alarms !
Peter Tutthill. An encyclopedic knowledge of the Cornish moto industry. If Cornwall had kept it up we should be a superpower !

Serious mode on.
About community spirit on witch you touched, I feel its mainly due the local indigenous people believing Falmouth is no longer their
town, and that the new elements of the Colleges, students, second home owners from other parts of England, have been given a higher
priority in their every day needs and wants. This is what has lead to the apathy and lack community spirit.
Falmouth needs to celebrate the things it has that are positive

In Italy the communities celebrate there identities. If a town grows a particularly great vegetable, the Mayor or local council says,
'Right where having a festival, and a day off work'. In Falmouth I don't think the governing bodies have that kind of sensitivity
for the people of Falmouth.
Serious Mode off.

Food mode on.
Chips...If you eat to much of anything it will kill ya.
Fav snack. Wash and clean two spuds and four carrots
thickly chop the spuds (leave on the skin),
Chop the carrots in half.
place onto a flat oven baking tray, drizzle with olive oil, and sprinkle some salt.
bake for 30 mins at 150ish.

Carrots taste so sweet .. hmm.
Food mode off.

Thx for a great show today Tash, looking forward to nxt Friday afternoon. Have a good weekend. xxx

Wow, what feedback may have

Wow, what feedback may have to pinch some of your words for next weeks show, recipes an all! as for communities lets celebrate The SourceFm for enriching a community and giving me the chance to have my say and hopefully spreading joy. Let's have a tasha day.

sweet tunes

Yo Yo Tash B. nice tunes my lover. me and the dog are dancing round the living room. keep it up baby

dancing with the dog

the dog I hope is not your pet name for you lover my lover!

Want to get in touch with you

Matthew sent me this email
One of our presenters picked up on the comment you posted on our website and has asked to do an interview with you. Tash Berks does a show on Friday at 1pm and is very easy going and relaxed in her show, I think it would be great for us to get you speaking on the station and it would give you an idea of what it's like to volunteer on the station.

Give me a call or email Tash directly (cc'd),

But have no idea how to email you directly??? - As can not find you email address on here - or anywhere? So as I have time right now - i.e have time today so wanted to arrange things today if possible - and your program is on Friday and that is only 2 days away. So I phoned Matthew but it was my fault that I ended up quite confused as to what my role might be which probably came over ..............and he sort of said to fill in the volunteer form for' the source' - which I happily have done but it needs to be posted off and with the intermittent postal service may not get there very quickly at the moment.

I can bring it down as I live less than 2 miles away from where the office address s in the campus - so let me know and I will drop it in
But in the meantime So wanted to say, I am more than happy to do such an interview and for you to talk to me by phone before hand to see if you want to do such and intervew with me

So please email me at

Free House

The Seven Stars pub on the moor is a privately owned 'Free House'. It has been Owned and run by rev Barringtons family for 150 years.

Jane owns and runs the Star & Garter at the top of the High Street she is a struggling small business like yourself.

Nancy's bar ( and the Tap Room ) are also Free Houses

free houses

they are the best places in town to drink, that is my point homely and friendly service still it used to be over 30 privately owned in Falmouth when I was younger it is grim in comparison. We are on our last legs!! and If you can think of any more I will give them a HUGE shout out on the source next week. You rub mine and I will rub yours. thanks for listening
tasha Berks x

jelly makeral

missed the recipe for the jellied makeral, sounds fantastic can you post it up?

leave to cool not call

i kant spell innit

jellied mackeral

take the heads off and take the guts out of the mackeral, put in a saucepan cover with half water and half malt vinegar 2 bay leaves some peppercorns. 100 degrees oven 35 mins. leave to call put in fridge and consume within 1 week . you could do this with one or 10 fish doesnt matter.