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Mondays Show Presenter
8.00am Puzzle Hour Zena Smith
9.00am One and All Tony Leamon and Dave the Rave
11.00am The Bob Seymour Show Bob Seymour
1.00pm Musical Allsorts Jimmy Miller
3.00pm The Daly Hour Chris Daly
4.00pm Toby Cook Toby Cook
5.00pm The Big Music Jacob and Jack
6.00pm Anger the Bees Sam Bradbury
7.30pm Jazz Train Pete and Paddy
9.30pm Super Good Radio Time Matt and Matt
11.00pm Autoplayer



7:00am Autoplayer  
9.00am Funkin Arts RPT repeat
11.00am Ian Beaumont Live and Direct Ian Beaumont
1.00pm Radyo an Gernewegva Matthew Clarke
2.00pm Calling Cornwall Lomond Handley
3.00pm Super Gran's Disco Glenys McMahon
5.00pm Mike's Happy Hour Mike Hopwood
6.00pm Punky Reggae Party Steve Gruitt
7:30pm Freerange Music Mike and Parker
9:30pm Have You Heard It? Padfield and Wylie
11:30pm Disco/Reco Davitt Steed



7:30am Wake up to Whaffle Roger and Sophie
9:00am Repeats  Repeats
11.00am Rose Herman Rose Herman
1.00pm Wild Side Caitlin Kight
2.00pm The Rant Show John Grierson
3.00pm The Green Show Pete Maxted
4.00pm About You Simon Neild
5.00pm Rocks Off! Joe and Tony
6.00pm The Rainbow Source Toby Best and Steve Cannon
7.30pm Keri Zerb Keri Zerb
9.30pm Tramp Transmissions Ben and Paul
11.00pm Autoplayer



7.00am Autoplayer  
9.00am Morning Break Gwen Willoughby
11.00am Steve Foster Show Steve Foster
1.00pm Keepin' It Country Val Baker
2.30pm Mollie Ann Harvey Show Mollie Ann
4:00pm Chat & Music Underground Luke Jenkins
5.00pm Inside Local Music Simon Neild
6.00pm Self Help Help Yourself Drewzy
7.30pm Songs From The Backroom Jules Kay
9.30pm Lost in Space Tom and Paul
11:30pm  The Film Show  Josh Turner



7.30am The Pirate Pete Show Pirate Pete
9.00am repeats repeats
11.00pm Thank Source It's Friday Andy Coote
1.00pm Sports Time David and Isaac
2.00pm Sam Burns Sam Burns
3.00pm The Tash Berks Show Tash Berks
5.00pm Tunes To Help You Breath More Easily Barry Gribble
6.00pm Collective Source Dean Harvey
8.00pm The Cosmic Art Show Cosmic
10.00pm repeats repeats
11.00pm Autoplayer   



8.00am Sophie Sweatman Sophie Sweatman
11.00am The Funkin ART Radio Show/Electric Radio S-J Marsden/Keith Sparrow
1.00pm Cornish Cream Andrew Whetter
3.00pm Chargrilled  Rich Jones
5.00pm Mollie Ann Rpt Mollie Ann rpt
6.00pm Sourcery Rpt Jess Dymond
7.30pm Mixed beats and treats

Week 1: Dirty Lips
Week 2: Ourra
Week 3: Dirty Lips

Week4: King Arthur Crew

10.00pm Dubious Ferg Dubious Ferg
11.00pm Autoplayer



9.00am Jazz Train RPT Pete & Paddy
11.00am Freerange Music RPT Mike and Parker
1.00pm Reggae Reggae Source An Jah and Fullproof Selecta
3.00pm ChillZone Mr P
4.30pm Rob Noxious Radio Show Rob Noxious
6.00pm Secondhand Sound Rob Fitzgerald
7.30pm D Y M O N D - B Jess Dymond
8.30pm Trail Mix Bram Arnold
10.30pm Random Jukebox Karl Phillips