Source FM – Sponsorship

Sponsor a show for only £200

or Choose from 1 of 3 Advertising Packages

Shortwave Sponsorship from £50 per month

Mediumwave Sponsorship from £250 for 6 months

Longwave Sponsorship from £500 up to £2500 per year

7,000 Cornish residents tune in to Source FM every week and in June 2015 we registered over 10,000 online listens. This means that advertising on Source FM is a great way to reach new customers. From the highly affordable Shortwave packages, to the more developed Mediumwave and Longwave packages, there is an opportunity to suit most businesses. Sponsors also benefit from our buy one - give one scheme and publicity on our website

We only sell advertising to local independent companies so you can be sure that your advert will stand out!

Working with us tells our listeners that you have a set of values which includes them. Get more details about individual packages by following the links below:

Show Sponsorship

Shortwave Sponsorship

Mediumwave Sponsorship

Longwave Sponsorship

Simply email or call our office on 07789746933