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Brilliant Station, Chargrilled, Making Paper Boats, Miscellaneous Debris and Konquerinz Soundz my absolute nevermiss shows.  The whole station is unique and never dull.  So lucky to be able to tune in, shame the station drops around Helston way on a drive out on a Sunday we always shout nooooo !!!  Have pulled into laybys to hear the end of some tunes !! Keep up the good work.  

Nice one Cosmic! Laura, Claire And josh listening! xxx

Just stumbled across this station whilst scrolling - loving it! Listening in SE London x

Is there a way in which I could sponsor the weather forecasts?

Thanks Dennis

Yes all the details are here: http://www.thesourcefm.co.uk/sponsorship-tide-times-weather

Source FM

Brill, how refreshing to randomly tune into a free fall radio jock, nice one.

Hi, we are from from California and just recently tuned into your radio station. We are partial to Val Baker's program, "Keeping it Country". The music selections are fun, interesting and mostly important she makes it rock! Love Val's brash, fun, whimiscal "off the cuff" commentaries..keep it coming! Two music fans from California.  Big thank you to SourceFM :)   Yvette

What happened to the out of the ark radio show???

And why dose it still say reggae reggae source on listen now page? they havent had a show for over a year now??

TUNE every sunday and play your radio show out are busy shop in perranporth. 


More love.


Sorry about this. I'm not sure what happened but I will investigate and get back to you asap.



Source FM

It seems our playout computer threw a bit of a wobbly on Sunday and refused to play the correct show at the right time.

We apologise for this unfortunately it does this sometimes, whilst we do our best to keep things updated and bug free every now and then something trips us up.



Source FM

Dear Listener,

It is with sadness that once again I must ask whomever it is that is singling out one of our presenters for excessive and unwarrented attention that they immediately cease any further attempts to have contact with this person.

We are now treating this as a an act of bullying which ACAS describes as: "Offensive, intimidating, malicious or insulting behaviour, an abuse of misuse of power that undermines, humiliates, denigrates or injures the recipient (emotionally or physically.)" As an employer it is beholden upon Source FM to protect individuals who are experiencing bullying, ACAS says "Employers have a 'duty of care' for their employees. No good firm would want its people working in an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment."

I am asking for the second time on this page that this unecessary behaviour is stopped and that this message will put an end to this uncomfortable situation for everyone involved. If the contact continues on this website or any of the Source FM related platforms I will be forced under employemnt law to pass this matter on to the relevant authorities.

Yours faithfully,

Matthew Rogers

Station Manager - Source FM



Just a quickie to say thank you for keeping us entertained on our (rainy) holiday in Falmouth. We really enjoyed the variety of music on your radio station and loved hearing all the local voices.


I have recently bought a diesel Ford, and I planned to take it to Falmouth Diesels to be serviced because I've heard their advert so many times on your station and they seemed like a good place to service a diesel if you live in Falmouth.

But I've learned that they've turned into the Cornwall Car Centre, so now I'm in a quandary. Can anybody recommend a place in Falmouth that services diesels?

Richard Mills, Falmouth.


Hello Richard,

Cornwall Car Centre is exactly the same garage doing exctly the same thing, petrol or diesel cars are both welcome.


Source FM

Sorry to hear that Richard, talk about bad timing! Oh dear :(

I'm afraid I can't help you with a recommendation, but I have to say I'm delighted that I can finally take my car (petrol) to be serviced there now that they don't do diesels any more. They're much closer than the other place I used to go to.

Pete Watkins (Falmouth)


Maggie Philbin isn't on our telly anywhere near enough these days. I know you're not actually telly, but is there any chance you could offer her a presenting job? Just to tide her over until they bring back Tomorrow's World, or "Strictly Tomorrow's World" as it'll probably be called.

I used to work with Maggie at Radio Berkshire. Small world.

Lord Barry of Gribble

I think Tasha Berks is wunderful on your radio statiuon.

It's like listening to a frend talking to me, which is great when my rubbish social workers leave and I'm stuck in this hellhole of a bedsit.

Would love to pop into Tashas bookshop, but I'm not really a book person. Does she have a bar in there?

Thanks Tasha for being a radio frend. Raising a can to you in salute. Long may you rock.




Is the YourSay page broken? Just catching up again with Songs from the Backroom from Thursday. Terrific as ever. Was the In Memoriam to the Covent Garden automaton lady in London? Loved it there.


I liked the promotional image made for Parklive by Mike's son. I am aiming to be a professional graphic designer and I was wondering if you would like to use this on your social media to promote Friday afternoons. I am certainly wanting to put this in my portfolio. Love what you do on the Source FM!Female Fridays on The Source FM

Am I right in thinking that recently the has been more talk than music on Source? There have been news broadcasts even done!

Can't we have more music and less radiotalk from today and everyday?

Thanks for my prize today at parklive btw, it brought a smile to my face and to Alice my daughter too.


Hi Matthew

I would like to know the significance of dropping the "The" from THE Source FM.

I always thought that the Origins of Source were the start of the something, the origination kind of. Of course you have been going for number of years now but I have to say from the history of Branding this has never gone down well with consumers, the changing of the brand, from Ratners to the Post Office there are literally loads of littered name changers who have gone down the swanee shortly afterwards.

Sure change you graphically style and font and the like to refresh but keep the "THE", visually it looks better too.

All the best

Richard Organ

B.A Oxon




Well you see Richard...

The 'the' was an early accident because the only available web address was www.thesourcefm.co.uk the original station name was 'Source FM'. Which we sort of went with, but the word 'the' is not good for SEO ratings.

Now, I'm no branding expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I can point you in the direction of many re-branding excersises that have been hugely successful e.g Mackintosh Computers


Source FM

Hi there. I am a Dutch listener and I have been listening to your station for two weeks now.

I have a question about the Cornwall. What are 'wodes'? Every Monday afternoon I hear your presenter talking about problems on the wodes so I want to know if these are some kind of transportation device they have in your corner of the country. I cannot find any information on internet about them.

Thank you.

Hi there, my teenage son Richard is a budding graphic designer and he has made this image to help promote your Parklive event! Feel free to use it, he could do with the exposure!

Graphic made by Richard

Luvving these baloons. Reminds me of a song by Madness about party baloons. Can I put in a request for House of Fun?

Great design, Richard. You are going to go a long way.

Lubricating myself with a can, before riasing it to your mighty talents.




Any chance of having a show dedicated to the masters of soul?

The old Chicago scene of the 50's was a rocking place to be, classy music with a good informed beat and strong voice vibe.

Cheers Noel





Hello Noel,

Jimmy Miller on a Monday plays a  lot of music from this era.


Source FM

Wow! This show is so unique - I was enjoying Doug's top tunes, but this is fascinating, I could wash up all night to this! My daughter is upstairs in bed, reading a book and listening, I am so pleased this esoteric, weird sound and mind scape is being made & broadcast locally! So special - what a great counterpoint to the global blandocracy! Keep on keeping on......

Hello there, I am Sophia Schweissman and I am a budding stand-up comic, originally from Bonn in Germany. I now relocated to Falmouth and I am looking to set up a live comedy night called Falmouth Funnies and I think it would be best to have it simulcast on The Source. So I am asking if I could have a show? To prove to you I can do it I have written some jokes about The Source.

What do you a menthol-flavoured version of Falmouth community radio?
Mint Source!

What did Obi Wan-Kenobi say to Luke Skywalker as he scanned the radio dial in northern Cornwall?
Use the Source, Luke!

What do you get if you cross Falmouth community radio with a berry-type fruit which has ambiguity as a vegetable?
Tomato Source!

If John Thaw did a detective series in the south west, what would it be called?
Inspector Source!

If Falmouth community radio was under threat of invasion, who would you call?
The Armed Sources!

Why did the man become disappointed when the radio station would not consume liquid?
Because he didn't know that you can lead a Source to water but you can't make it drink!

I hope you've enjoyed these jokes and there are plenty more on the way. Let me know what time and day my show can be on and I'll get booking a venue.

These jokes are brilliant, Sofia Schweitzer. I nearly snorted into my can.

Nest time you perfrome I want to come and see you. Weve lost Ronnie Crobett, but gained a fraulein.

Raising my can to your considerable talents right now.

Keep on joking in the free world.





Hi (The) Source,

Young Matthew Waterhouse downloaded the podcast (mudcast?) of Live and Direct and opened it in his wave-editor (he's clever like that) to see if it was our radio or your output that was distorting on Monday. 

It appears to have been your output. There was no consistency, and the new jingles (very nice they are!) seem to have distortion on the ones with Jess speaking. Maybe they were put on your computer system like that and should be remixed a bit.

Bill Woolard asked if you're just Source FM now or still The Source FM like your web address is.

Richard Hurndall
CD Supplies, Truro

Hello Richard,

The signal was a little hot on Monday for some reason, we're still not really sure why this was but probably user error, we don't have a dedicated sound engineer taking care of our signal so sometimes things do go astray if we are not watching closely. Please let us know if it's happening again.

We're in the process of dumping the 'The' from Source FM.

Best wishes,


Source FM

This is outrageous, The the has been part of THE Source FM for as long as I can remember. This is precisely why I know which way I shall be voting on THE June 23rd. Very best wishes to you and all your families,Bob rulvrm  rulvrm RULVRM

Why? Is there another one?

Like interesting and reworked music and the tremendous energy within.

Keep it up


Hello Matthew,

I hope you dont think I'm that other Jez who criticised your new jingles. I think the jingles rock in the free world and - to steal a catchphrase from Little and Large - are fandabybrilliant.

Raising my can to Dave, your new jinglemeister. Long may he rain.




Loving the new jingles, but they all say "Source FM" now. I mean, I can accept the new jingles, I can accept the new adverts, i could even accept Ian playing Tears For Fears in stereo, but this fundamental change in THE Source FM is just making my crabs itch.  Love, Bobmjsfum

I bet you don't print this, but your new "jingles" are boring.

Not only are they at times distorted with a very bored woman talking over them (in one of them she can hardly be heard, thankfully), they sound like they're cast-offs from the 1980s.

Why didn't you get one of the popular Cornish bands to record some instead of a student who admitted he didn't know anything about "jingles"?

Jez Forrest

Hello Jez,

Thanks for your comment.

We really do appreciate all constructive criticisms. We didn't ask David to produce our new jingles he approached us. We also have a number of jingles produced by local artists and we felt it was time to try something different. I feel that David has done a great job on creating something that is unique distinctive and 'Sourcey' but that will also apeal to listeners who have more mainstream listening sensabilites.


Source FM

if David volunteered to do the jingles for free, then we can't complain too much. It's like the old days when you used to get free carrier bags and they split open on the way home, dropping your meat and vegetables on the pavement. It's a pain, but the bags were cheap and nasty and you'd be more annoyed if it was a bag you'd paid for. AM I WRONG?


Nice you have new jingles, but the girl's voice (is it Jess?) is really low in the mix (as I was taught at hospital radio).

The levels today are all OVER THE place. People distorting, music LOUD then quiet. Here at the Seal Sanctuary we're thinking of changing stations as we have to keep reaching for the volume knob.

Please sort it Matthew.

Arthur Bostrom

Hi Source,

Don't you have a leveliser or something? Ian's voice is distorted and earlier all Chris Daly's records were so loud you could hear the words as the songs faded.

It sounds very bad.

Roger Knightley

I remember the Leveliser, used to love that show. LOLOLOL!!!!!

Ive got a VHS of the Leveliser signed by the block from Cannon in teh early 90s, which is probably worth a bit now cause he's dead.

Anyway, who cares if the music is a bit too loud, we all love a bit of crackling don't we, eh!

I haven't heard this much squelching on the soundtrack since the time i went to the wrong video hire shop by mistake.

Spring has arrived again

Another excuse to get down on the beach

Make mine a cold delicious cocktail

Banana, rum and peach


Radio heaven is just a click away

And I know the best station of course

Dancing to all the best tunes

Brilliant sounds from The Source


Under the blazing sun

Really grooving the day away

You can always be sure

It's The Source making it okay


Sensational local bands

The latest and classic chart smashes

On ninety six point one

Other sounds bring me out in rashes


Great presenters on the desks

On the Cornwall station you all know

Online for when you're elsewhere

Dip into The Source even on the go


Falmouth is looking pretty fine

On the way to Penryn town

Rich views are guaranteed

The Cornwall people never frown


Here's to the life we have down here

Entertainment for your ears

Sounds that blow your mind

Oldies from those golden years


Unusual oddities get airtime too

Radio that works to touch the soul

Cornwall's advantage is in the air

Exciting sounds of rock and roll

Blimey. This page has got a bit politickal lately.

Here's a short poem Ive written about the refferendum:

'In, out, in, out, shake it all about.

We're Europe till we die. That's what it's all about.'

Raising my can to the great Sauce.





I'm very expressive! May I note down Dhyano's eccentric Sunday entertainment? Really very edgy sounding, but each tune's terrific!

Emily Rodriguez

I remember back in the 1970s the debate then of whether to join or stay out of the EU, It was a hard fought, I was an Stay Outter then but this time around I have changed my mind and support the EU. Without it the world would be a less safer place and the strength of security is tied to staying in.

As the Micheal Jackson song says

"You are not alone..."

Its important to remember this.. always

My personal favorite music though is Micheal Crawford singing


With great love and peace

Martin Peter Alan - Penryn Old Town