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15% Extra – Show 164 – 29 June 2018

15% Extra Strong
UK spy control is seemingly under control (seemingly)
Yet another CPU flaw to worry about, because Intel won’t
Another massive data breach of a marketing firm reveals the details of 340 million people
The problem of fake mobile phone towers and who is responsible still under question
Concerns rise over the increased attempts to hack satellites
Microsoft ditch the tabbed windows from Win10, so we offer some replacements that work for everyone.
Games news and more, including 15% Extra music and bacon snacks.

This show would not sound as cool without WACUP for Winamp, be as easy to research without Vivaldi browser, or be possible without TeamViewer remote desktop

Track List

Nazareth — May The Sunshine
Animals as Leaders — CAFO
Dismembered Sound BoothWhat’s the point in having children
KMFDM — Virus
Sting — Russians
The Illuminoids — Gimme Shelter (Illuminoids remix) (Rolling Stones)
Joe Satriani — Summer Song
DJ Rudec – Sappy Unforgiven In Time
Dismembered Sound BoothChatline

Show Notes

The debut album by Dismembered Sound Booth is now available for download as MP3s
99p per track or £9.99 for all 25 !
Also available on Amazon

Wasn’t too hard, was it? UK has made ‘significant progress’ in spy control

Meet TLBleed: A crypto-key-leaking CPU attack that Intel says we shouldn’t worry about
TLBleed: a new way to leak crypto keys on hyperthreaded processors

Marketing Firm Exactis Leaked a Personal Info Database With 340 Million Records

Facebook patent would turn your mic on to analyze how you watch ads

Senator to FCC: How much do police stingrays drain a cell phone battery?
“If the Commission does not conduct or require testing, please explain why…”
Supreme Court rules: Yes, gov’t needs warrant to get cellphone location data

National Security Concerns Over Hackers Commandeering Satellites

Microsoft pulls Windows Sets “tabbed windows” feature from next release
Feature is removed from latest preview, with reports that it’s not coming this year.
How to Get File Explorer Tabs Now in Windows 10

Halo TV show going into production in early 2019

Relive your misspent, 8-bit youth on the BBC’s reopened Micro archive

Switch pirates don’t want you to pirate their piracy-enabling firmware
But anti-piracy hackers are hacking the piracy hack for themselves.

Movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Illegal streaming sites vulnerable to copyright enforcers

Infamous ‘Dancing Baby’ copyright battle settled just before YouTube tot becomes a teen

Marijuana drug wins FDA approval—a first that may change federal regulations