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15% Extra – Show 183 – 4 January 2019

15% Extra Strong

Welcome to 2019
UK ISP censorship of the web is going to far. Again.
We wave goodbye to another pioneer of the internet.
As it is the beginning of a new year we have a look back at the security and social media disasters of 2018 and wonder if lessons will be learned.
A new year and the infamous Windows 10 Halloween update still haunts us!
WACUP for Winamp is finally public so you can join me in enjoying the cool new features, and as a treat listeners get access to a funky collection of Winamp skins hosted at WebAmp.
A new dawn in space for the Human race, as China land on the far side of the moon.
The mystery of “the great unconformity” may be over as researchers discover where 4km of the Earth surface disappeared.

Thanks to the listeners for their contributions as always.
Special thanks to WACUP and Vivaldi  and TeamViewer


The Stranglers — Nuclear Device
Metallica — Hero of the Day
Aggro1White Zombie vs. Misanthrop
Pomegranate Tiger — Color Theory
LeeBeats — The Otherside Island (Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. Pendulum)
Deep Purple — Sun Goes Down
Kraftwerk — Boing Boom Tschak
The Flaming Lips — The Great Gig In the Sky
Static-X — Monster
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard — Gamma Knife

Every major UK mobile network is now blocking the Web Archive / Wayback machine

Another greybeard has left us: Packet pioneer Larry Roberts dies at 81

It’s the end of 2018, and this is your year in security

Year in Malware 2018: The most prominent threats Talos tracked this year

2019 Malware Trends to Watch

2019 Malware Trends to Watch

Zuckerberg sees ‘progress’ for Facebook after tumultuous year

Mark Zuckerberg Criticized For End-Of-Year Facebook Message

Facecrooks scam notifications

Chromecast Hacker Calls it Quits After Hearing FBI Is Looking Into Him

Apple stock plummets 8% on news of grim Q1 2019 outlook
Apple rival paves way for ban on some iPhones in Germany

Crystal ball gazers declare that Windows 10 has finally overtaken Windows 7

The Halloween update still haunts us
Updating to Windows 10 1809 Deactivates Built-in Admin Account

Windows 10 October 2018 Update Bug Breaks FLAC Support

WACUP (Winamp Community Update Project) Preview build

Check out where you can find the largest collection of classic Winamp skins

Mickey Mouse and Batman will soon be public domain—here’s what that means


What could have wiped 3km of rock off the entire Earth?

New Horizons has a successful flyby of the Kuiper Belt’s bowling pin

China makes history by landing on the far side of the Moon

Thanks to listener Mike Parry for recommending some useful SDR kit