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15% Extra – Show 186 – 8 February 2019

15% Extra

Hey, If you truly spunked £45k on 1,300 Brexit deal print-outs, you’re absolute mugs

Thanks for all those data-flow warnings, Now let’s talk about your own Brexit prep. Yep, just as we thought

Huawei pens open letter to UK Parliament: Spying? Nope, we’ve done nothing wrong
US indicts Huawei for stealing T-Mobile robot arm, selling US tech to Iran

New Docs Show Pricing for Windows 7 Extended Security Updates

Firefox to block noisy autoplaying video in next release

Chrome to Display Warnings About Similar or Lookalike URLs

Google Play apps with >4.3 million downloads stole pics and pushed porn ads

At least Sony offered a t-shirt, says macOS flaw finder: Bug bounties now for Macs if you want this 0-day, Apple

Fire (and lots of it): Berkeley researcher on the only way to fix cryptocurrency

Judge orders $150,000 in damages in GTA Online cheating case

Windows 3.0 File Manager Reborn in All Its Nostalgic Glory

Emoji 12.0 brings us waffles, more diversity, suggestive “finger pinch” glyph

Drift of the North Pole forces early magnetic map update

Do fish recognize themselves in the mirror?