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15% Extra
15% Extra – Show 194 – The Source FM – 12 March 2019
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London’s Metropolitan Police arrest Julian Assange

New UK counter-terror laws come into force today – watch those clicks, people. You see, terrorist propag… NOOO! Alexa ignore us!
UK government proposes sweeping new regulations of online content

Internet Archive denies hosting ‘terrorist’ content

You don’t need a PhD to phish a Brit university: Nonprofit claims 100% hit rate is easy peasy

It’s time to reset the ‘Days without a Facebook data loss’ sign after 500 million records left exposed on AWS

Facebook Exposed Dataset Debacle: Who’s Really To Blame?

Facebook asked some users for their email passwords, because why not

Adobe Fixes 24 Critical Flaws in Acrobat Reader, Flash, Shockwave Player

Adobe Fixes 24 Critical Flaws in Acrobat Reader, Flash, Shockwave Player

Don’t be an April Fool: Update your Android mobes, gizmos to – hopefully – pick up critical security fixes

Microsoft’s April 2019 Updates are Causing Windows to Freeze

RIP: Microsoft finally pulls plug on last XP survivor… POSReady 2009

Somebody forgot to upgrade: Flights delayed, cancelled by GPS rollover

Japanese F-35 crashed into Pacific, rest of fleet grounded

Dutch F-16 flies into its own bullets, scores self-inflicted hits

Chinese government proposes ban on bitcoin mining

Prince Harry takes a stand against poverty, injustice, inequality? Er, no, Fortnite

First black hole photo confirms Einstein’s theory of relativity

Two rockets dropped tracers into the northern lights and the result was glorious