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Connecting the Community to Source (and vice versa)

Source FM Source FM presenterswants to help the community support each other in these difficult times. In order to do so we have created this means of sending us audio recordings. Record your audio below and upload to the Source. Press the record button to begin your recording, and stop to finish. Listen back with the Play button. When you are happy fill in your name and email details and click Submit to send your recording to the Source FM. Files are limited to 5 minutes or 5 MB.

Visit: to send your message…

Ideas for recordings:

  • What are good resources to help people who are self-isolating?
  • Messages to people you know.
  • Ways of keeping your mental health strong.
  • Any musicians/poets etc who would like to contribute performances to keep the community’s strength up.
  • Send messages of support and hope to others during this stressful time.

We’ve tried to make this work for all devices and browsers, but if it doesn’t you can still upload a file you’ve already recorded. You can also just email any audio you would like included direct to Jerry Padfield.