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Playlist for Jazz Train with Paddy Haughton – 12th February 2018

JAZZ TRAIN with Paddy Haughton – 12th February 2018 – “Back to the vinyl!” Artist –         Title –                Album –       Label –         Recorded / Released Shorty Rogers – “Tickletoe” – Shorty Courts The Count – RCA / HMV 1954 Shorty …

Sad news of the death of Gwen Willoughby

Source FM is very sad to announce the death of Gwen Willoughby, after a long illness that she withstood with characteristic good humour and fortitude. As those of you who listened to her programmes will know, Gwen presented a morning …

St Petrocs contact details

Here are some more important contact details for St Petrocs. Please take the time to check out how they are helping the homeless in Cornwall. There’s never a good time to be homeless and with the …

Listeners say

Just stumbled across this station whilst scrolling - loving it! Listening in SE London x


Just wanted to say what a lovely surprise it was on Monday morning when I first discovered your channel on my tablet. I am an artist and I love to have music and humour playing in my studio. The programme that I discovered was called the Monday Morning Comedy Collective with a presenter called Colin Leggo . A lovely lively entertaining programme with lots of humour and a good variety of music. I think a big strength of the programme is the warm personality and the professional style of the presenter. Colin Leggo was often using funny voices which I found really funny but he also encouraged the listeners to contribute to the programme. He was also interviewing a comedian which was interesting and entertaining. I will definitely catch the Colin Leggo show again and explore the other Source programmes.

David Hosking

Brilliant Station, Chargrilled, Making Paper Boats, Miscellaneous Debris and Konquerinz Soundz my absolute nevermiss shows. The whole station is unique and never dull. So lucky to be able to tune in, shame the station drops around Helston way on a drive out on a Sunday we always shout nooooo !!! Have pulled into laybys to hear the end of some tunes !! Keep up the good work.