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The Jazz Train Team: Paddy Haughton bought his first jazz record around 1957!!

A confirmed jazz nut, he enjoys everything from the legacy of New Orleans to the new music of the 21st Century.

Pete Webster likes to play different kinds of Jazz and explore the overlaps and contrasts of different genres; Soul, Electronic, African, Old School, neglected, brand new etc etc…………….and to keep trying to sort out whether Jazz is for listening to or dancing to!

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PLAYLIST FOR: JAZZ TRAIN with Paddy Haughton – 20th November 2017

PLAYLIST FOR: JAZZ TRAIN with Paddy Haughton – 20th November 2017 – from my vinyl collection 3 Artist –         Title –                Album –       Label –         Recorded / Released Lee Morgan – “Rainy Night” – Charisma – (orig: 1966) – Blue Note …

Playlist for JAZZ TRAIN with Paddy Haughton – 6th November 2017

JAZZ TRAIN with Paddy Haughton – 6th November 2017 – “Stardust”: Selected Long Tracks Artist –         Title –                Album –       Label –         Recorded / Released Lionel Hampton – “Stardust” – Stardust – Gene Norman Presents The Lionel Hampton All Stars (1947) – …

Listeners say

I don't know how I found you, but I'm so happy I did. I listen to 96.1 online constantly. Love the variety of music and all the presenters. I'm in Eureka California and have been able to visit Cornwall once. I left my heart there and want desparately to return. Until then, at least I can listen in. Cheers!


I can only say how much pleasure Source FM has given us over the years! What an amazing radio station! Unbelievably and consistently excellent! Well done and thank you, Best wishes, Jeremy


Brilliant Station, Chargrilled, Making Paper Boats, Miscellaneous Debris and Konquerinz Soundz my absolute nevermiss shows. The whole station is unique and never dull. So lucky to be able to tune in, shame the station drops around Helston way on a drive out on a Sunday we always shout nooooo !!! Have pulled into laybys to hear the end of some tunes !! Keep up the good work.