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Clem’s Drive Time

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It’s three o’clock and it’s Clem’s Drive Time. To illustrate the power of Falmouth meantime, the show is an hour of driving songs and the information you need to help to plan your week away from work. Great tunes alongside what’s on and a sprinkling of news and views. What’s not to like?

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Just stumbled across this station whilst scrolling - loving it! Listening in SE London x


I don't know how I found you, but I'm so happy I did. I listen to 96.1 online constantly. Love the variety of music and all the presenters. I'm in Eureka California and have been able to visit Cornwall once. I left my heart there and want desparately to return. Until then, at least I can listen in. Cheers!


Brilliant Station, Chargrilled, Making Paper Boats, Miscellaneous Debris and Konquerinz Soundz my absolute nevermiss shows. The whole station is unique and never dull. So lucky to be able to tune in, shame the station drops around Helston way on a drive out on a Sunday we always shout nooooo !!! Have pulled into laybys to hear the end of some tunes !! Keep up the good work.