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Damped Waves is the arena of curious sonic investigation, each investigation will change without notice . end of message ……


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Internal garden wild young parents Project
Sound artist Justin Wiggan spent 6 weeks with the young dad’s group from wild young parents Project experimenting with biometric signals sent from plants and vibrational technology to see the effect on well-being and emotion.
the following documentary follows the journey of the participants,  the sounds produced in the documentary are purely from plants and trees interacting with and triggering computer programming.
the track at the end of the documentary is the direct result of one of the participants being influenced to create poetry because of his experience.

This is a special phonic reflective process of understanding the power of nostalgia, memory and influence. It’s part of an ongoing personal war that the artist has against nostalgia, which the artist acknowledges that this needs to be reassigned as a disease how it used to be.  The series looks at sonic logos which transpire into memory nests which frame life experiences and therefore become embedded and owned, by the listener. This ownership also challenges the notion of copyright.


This series of 5 episodes presented by Wiggan will attempt to de-construct the resonating values of 10 influential records in the artist’s life.
Season Two ( the remaining 5 )  will come next year 


Episode one :UNKNWNPLSRS I & II
Episode Two: HNDSOFLVE I & II

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Wilhelm made Peter bury his yoyo. But every now and then Peter would want to play with it anyway, even though he knew it was bad for him. So he would dig it up, play with it for a while, and then bury it again.

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