About the programme

Morning has long since broken in Falmouth and Penryn! But have no fear as local handyman Tadgh Shiels is here to make sure it’s fixed up real nice, even though he may accidentally smash it to smithereens in the process. In any case a musical myriad of 1930’s swing, impossibly obscure cult reggae and demented Greek punk rock is sure to delight your senses, or drive you over the edge of whatever psychotic episode you are currently experiencing. Have a lovely day!

The Gates of Dawn radio programme broadcasts on Thursday afternoons from 1pm to 2.30pm and features the best of news and new releases from the world of music. Look out for special guests and interviews with musicians who are performing in Cornwall.

Listeners say

I don't know how I found you, but I'm so happy I did. I listen to 96.1 online constantly. Love the variety of music and all the presenters. I'm in Eureka California and have been able to visit Cornwall once. I left my heart there and want desparately to return. Until then, at least I can listen in. Cheers!


Just stumbled across this station whilst scrolling - loving it! Listening in SE London x


Source FM has taught me so much about myself and brought out the creative side of me and I am so grateful for this it is a major release for me and playing my favorite dance tunes is also another release and I hope a release for the listener and they come aboard with me and other presenters too. The source has given me opportunities I would never of dreamt of and all those experiences have I think made me more rounded and good for character building. I am proud of myself, it's a personal conquest and don't know where I would be without some sort of involvement in radio it has truely been the making of me.

Tash Berks