The Mollie Ann Show

About the programme

The Mollie Ann Show mainly consists of a range of quotes and Worldly Advice, and a diverse range of music. Feel free to Turn On, Tune In and Drop Out Worldly Troubles anytime on Mixcloud, or Saturdays from 11am-1pm..

Mollie’s “heart leapt with excitement to discover the existence of the Foundation Course in Radio Production at Falmouth University, and has adopted Cornwall as home ever since’.

Mollie see’s independent, free- form, non-profit community radio, operating for the social benefit of the community becoming an important, essential service and voice for the community. Mollie feels that radio more than any other medium, can channel, express and address social issues.

Radio more than any other medium encourages active audience participation and intellectual engagement from its audience. As a medium Radio conveys a sense of identity with its audience promoting a feeling of like-minded community with the listener, creating a relationship, an education, a stimulation of the mind’s thought process like no other medium. Mollie wants to be a creative part of programming for community Radio which serves the ideals of truth, enlightenment, education, progressive reality programming’.

Part of Mollie’s Radio Production course involved producing broadcast content for the Source FM, and after sticking around and doing a work experience placement with the Source, she seized the opportunity to have her own individual broadcast slot, which is now on a Saturday 11am-1pm.

Mollie expresses her love for community radio-
“Love community radio and believe that radio, in all its formats, has a bright and important future. Radio may yet have a role and purpose that is un-seen and unpredicted in modern society, and I want to be a part of that future.”

Listeners say

Just stumbled across this station whilst scrolling - loving it! Listening in SE London x


I can only say how much pleasure Source FM has given us over the years! What an amazing radio station! Unbelievably and consistently excellent! Well done and thank you, Best wishes, Jeremy


I don't know how I found you, but I'm so happy I did. I listen to 96.1 online constantly. Love the variety of music and all the presenters. I'm in Eureka California and have been able to visit Cornwall once. I left my heart there and want desparately to return. Until then, at least I can listen in. Cheers!