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Toby Cook’s Ramble

About the programme

Every Sunday from 5-6:30pm, Toby Cook’s Ramble starts with a different blues artist such as Howlin Wolf and then trace his or her influence through music through different artists and bands, often ending up in obscure corners.

Listeners say

Presenting Sports Hour on Source FM was fun, exciting and, being 5.00 on Fridays, was the perfect start to my weekend. I'm sure anybody could do it but it mades me feel like I'd really achieved something - something different to what other people are doing for my own fun and for the local community.

Kim Conchie

Just a quickie to say thank you for keeping us entertained on our (rainy) holiday in Falmouth. We really enjoyed the variety of music on your radio station and loved hearing all the local voices.


Just stumbled across this station whilst scrolling - loving it! Listening in SE London x