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Source FM has bills to pay but we’ve also been very lucky. Very early on we were given some premises to broadcast from on Tregenver Road in Falmouth, which means that comparatively speaking our overheads are low. We are also a not-for-profit community interest company run by volunteers, which means that we can do things a bit differently from other radio stations. Source FM prides itself on having created a diverse schedule of programmes from a creative range of volunteers that includes everyone from the local community at all hours of the day and night. We are open to volunteers of all ages and abilities and we’ve had shows from 8-year-old children to an 80-year-old woman (and everything in between).

History of Source FM – The idea to create a community radio station in the Falmouth and Penryn area goes back to 2006 when Source FM Director Russell Clarke first made a successful license application to Ofcom. The 1st broadcast took place on February 28th 2009 from the University College Falmouth Tremough campus in Penryn. Source FM now has its own dedicated studios in Falmouth and has over 10 years of experience in broadcasting a diverse and exciting variety of programmes on the FM waveband and globally via the Internet.

Our Remit – Source FM has a remit from Ofcom to make radio accessible to the community. We’ve been doing this by running training sessions which are free, open to everyone and aimed at developing confidence and broadcasting skills in people with no previous experience in radio. Source FM Volunteers can take courses in ‘Live Radio Production’, ‘Sound Editing’ and ‘Social Media’ and the vast majority go on to host their own shows on Source FM.

Achievements – Source FM is an ‘Investor in Work Related Learning’ award winner with Falmouth Primary Academy, where we delivered a weekly radio club.

Source FM owns it’s own modest premises on Tregenver Road in Falmouth including two fully equipped live ‘on-air’ studios and an office unit, which means our operational overheads are comparatively small. Also, because we are a community interest company, limited by guarantee with no shareholders, we can offer local companies a great deal on sponsorship and still afford to make sure that all our profits are ploughed back into the company to provide more opportunities for our volunteers.

Source FM has been so successful at recruiting and training volunteers that two local education providers asked us to help them deliver training on their behalf. We co-delivered a certificate in Radio Production with Adult Education Falmouth, and, with Falmouth University we co-delivered a Foundation Degree in Radio Production. All this collaboration means that there is a vibrant culture of learning and opportunity at Source FM.

Source FM broadcasts Cornwall’s 1st and only dedicated LGBT programme every Wednesday evening called Rainbow Source.

Source FM hosts a series of live musk and performance events throughout the summer in Kimberley Park in Falmouth called ParkLive. We are currently into our 5th year of producing ParkLive and more information can be found here www.parklive.rocks

Membership – Source FM is a not-for-profit community interest company that is governed by its members. Joining Source FM as a presenter means that you must also become a member of the company which gives you a vote at the AGM and a say in how we run as a company.

AGM 2016 – Kimberley Park

We have a presence on most social media sites and you can find and join in the conversations there if you like: Facebook and Twitter.

Watch a short film about a mural being painted on the sides of our studio in Falmouth by local artist and Source FM presenter Cosmic.

Watch an award winning documentary about Source FM by director Mark Jenkin

Watch a short documentary about one of our presenters Gwen Willoughby

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Ways to listen to Source FM

You can listen to Source FM by tuning in to 96.1 FM in the Falmouth and Penryn area, but if you're further a field, you can still listen to us.

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