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Mediumwave package

As a Mediumwave sponsor you get everything a Shortwave sponsor does and more besides.

For a single payment of £250.00 you’ll receive 6 months of 6 x 45 second announcements per week. That’s one announcement every weekday and an extra announcement on Saturday – and we’ll create your advert for free. This is incredible value for money! Here’s an example of one of our Mediumwave announcements:

Seton Self Storage

Mediumwave sponsors also have the opportunity to update the message on their main announcements every quarter and, as if that wasn’t enough, we’re also giving Medium and Longwave sponsors the opportunity to become a part of our ‘Buy One – Give One’ campaign. To sign up just email

Still want more..? Ok, it’s time to check out our Longwave Sponsorship

Who listens to Source FM

Over 7,000 Cornish residents tune in to Source FM every week and in May 2017 we registered over 11,000 online listens. This means that advertising on Source FM is a great way to reach existing and potentially new customers in the Falmouth and Penryn area (but our signal also stretches much further afield!) One independent survey estimated that Source FM had over 17,000 local listeners!

Source FM is staffed by over 70 local residents who all acts as publicity machines for their own shows on social media and in local cafés, pubs and community centres. Source FM presenters are (almost) literally everywhere, where they run local businesses, are parents, teachers, gardeners, musicians and most of them love to talk.

We also host an event in Kimberley Park 6 times every year from April to September called ParkLive which is always very well attended.

Listeners say

Just stumbled across this station whilst scrolling - loving it! Listening in SE London x


This station is great. I listen in my workshop during the day in New Jersey USA . Keep it up. Dave. Hope to visit there someday.


Brilliant Station, Chargrilled, Making Paper Boats, Miscellaneous Debris and Konquerinz Soundz my absolute nevermiss shows. The whole station is unique and never dull. So lucky to be able to tune in, shame the station drops around Helston way on a drive out on a Sunday we always shout nooooo !!! Have pulled into laybys to hear the end of some tunes !! Keep up the good work.