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Source FM is a radio station for Cornwall, UK made by and for the people who live and work in and around Falmouth and Penryn. We have an eclectic schedule of music and chat shows for you to listen to at all times of the day and night.  Nose around the What’s on When and Presenters section to get an idea of who works here and what they say about their radio programmes, and don't forget to leave some feedback on the Your Say page.

Source FM can be whatever you want it to be because the station is open to volunteers of all ages and walks of life. We're always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help make Source FM a vibrant and interesting local radio station. Whether you fancy presenting, producing documentary programmes, or helping with marketing and event organisation then get in touch with your local Cornish radio station by emailing: enquiries@thesourcefm.co.uk

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Cornish Charity Comes to the Rescue of Three Little Donkeys

Cornish Charity Comes to the Rescue of Three Little Donkeys

Three tiny baby donkeys have been saved from certain death by Penryn-based animal charity, The Flicka Foundation. 

Over the weekend, a small team from The Flicka Foundation jumped into action to save three very young donkey foals from a live animal market, before transporting them to safety. The confused, frightened animals were likely torn from their mothers by a dealer just hours before their rescue and experts at Flicka estimate them to be as young as 10 weeks old. Donkey foals do not naturally wean off their mother’s milk until they are around 6 months old and they would continue to be emotionally dependant on her for many months to follow. The Welfare of Horses at Markets Order of 1990 makes it an offence to sell foals under 4 months old without their mothers.

Judy Giles, Flicka Foundation Director said, “There are laws in place that are meant to prevent this from happening, but they are clearly failing - the laws badly need to be enforced. These poor little babies had sale stickers and lot numbers stuck to their backs to be sold like old cars at the market. They have been crying for their mothers, who they should still be suckling from, and we can only imagine the trauma and despair their mums are enduring at the loss of their infants. Pony foals that are too young also go through these sale rings and those that don’t sell are usually returned to the seller to be shot.

The three little foals, two girls and one boy, are now safe at The Flicka Foundation, but their young age means they are not out of the woods yet and they 
will require weeks of specialist care and attention, veterinary screening a carefully supervised diet. 

Donkeys are intelligent, sensitive animals, but their hardy and stoical traits mean they are often taken advantage of and are exploited and abused worldwide.

The Flicka Foundation currently cares for around 70 donkeys and 30 horses; many rescued from conditions of abuse and neglect. Each individual now enjoys a relaxed life at the sanctuary, with spacious paddocks, cosy stables and equine company. Caroline Quentin, Paul O’ Grady and Felicity Kendal are all patrons of the charity.

Judy added: “Although the foals are now safe at our sanctuary, we are desperate for funds to help cover their care for the coming months. We spend £70,000 a year on food, bedding and veterinary care alone here at the sanctuary and there are always animals that need rescuing. The more people that know about the story of these foals and the plight of thousands of others just like them, the better.”
You can follow the progress of the donkey foals on The Flicka Foundation’s Facebook page or find out more about their work via their website www.flickafoundation.org.uk.