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Source FM is a radio station for Cornwall, UK made by and for the people who live and work in and around Falmouth and Penryn. We have an eclectic schedule of music and chat shows for you to listen to at all times of the day and night.  Nose around the What’s on When and Presenters section to get an idea of who works here and what they say about their radio programmes, and don't forget to leave some feedback on the Your Say page.

Source FM can be whatever you want it to be because the station is open to volunteers of all ages and walks of life. We're always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help make Source FM a vibrant and interesting local radio station. Whether you fancy presenting, producing documentary programmes, or helping with marketing and event organisation then get in touch with your local Cornish radio station by emailing: enquiries@thesourcefm.co.uk

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Latest News

Thin Air 2015

Thin Air 2015

Recruitment for Thin Air 2015 Has Begun

Source FM is looking for up to 16 new recruits to take part in the next round of Thin Air. The course will start in the week beginning the 19th of January 2015 and it is free to participants who fit the funding criteria.

We also have additional funding to pay for childcare for single parents or for support workers to assist with learning for people with physical or learning difficulties.

If you are interested or just want to find out more information please email station manager Matthew Rogers on matthew@thesourcefm.co.uk

or call 07789 746933

Looking for Business Partners

Source FM - Membership Bonus Scheme

Source FM will be relaunching it's membership scheme in 2015 and we're looking for local businesses who might like to form a closer relationship with our presenters through becoming a part of our members bonus scheme. Whether you are a cafe or a bookshop you could increase your footfall by offering Source FM members a discounted service and the chances are they will probably say thank you for your hospitality on air.

Source FM has over 400 registered volunteers and we broadcast to over 7,000 people locally. Programmes cover everything from sexuality to economics and we are always looking for more sponsors or supporters. So if you are interested in making our presenters a unique offer then please get in contact right away with Station Manager Matthew Rogers on 07789746933 or matthew@thesourcefm.co.uk