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Source FM is a radio station for Cornwall, UK made by and for the people who live and work in and around Falmouth and Penryn. We have an eclectic schedule of music and chat shows for you to listen to at all times of the day and night.  Nose around the What’s on When and Presenters section to get an idea of who works here and what they say about their radio programmes, and don't forget to leave some feedback on the Your Say page.

Source FM can be whatever you want it to be because the station is open to volunteers of all ages and walks of life. We're always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help make Source FM a vibrant and interesting local radio station. Whether you fancy presenting, producing documentary programmes, or helping with marketing and event organisation then get in touch with your local Cornish radio station by emailing: enquiries@thesourcefm.co.uk

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Latest News

April 2017 - Training Dates

Make Your Own Radio Show..!

Source FM is inviting anyone from the local area who has an interest in radio to attend a special introductory open day at Source FM on Saturday 22nd of April 2017 from 10am to 1pm. The event will give attendees the chance to meet existing Source FM presenters and talk to the people in charge of Source FM as well as to tour the studios to see just how easy it is to make interesting exciting radio shows. And, you don’t need to bring anything with you except for your enthusiasm.

Source FM are especially keen to hear from absoloutely anybody who might be interested in producing a radio programme about issues that are relevent to local people. We are also interested in receiving proposals about any subject such as health, wellbeing and creative writing or mechanics, mathematics and engineering. There is also always room for music lovers who want to share their enthusiasm for a particular genre of music.

Just email station manager Matthew Rogers on matthew@thesourcefm.co.uk to book yourself a place.

Design Commission - ParkLive 2017

Design Commission: Parklive Festival Posters for 2017

Source FM are seeking a graphic designer/illustrator for our new series of 6 Parklive posters for our series of monthly free festivals in Kimberley Park, Falmouth. 

The brief is to create a 6 graphic designs that carry a central design theme throughout a poster series. There is a fair amount of text - dates times lineups for two stages and sponsors that must be included.

the deadlines are tight, as our lists of performers takes time to collate.
This is a paid commission, and is very short notice we require:
  • expressions of interest
  • examples of work
  • some idea as to how you would approach the commission
  • a reference re your reliability is desirable

deadline: Tuesday March 21st 12 noon
please email your examples ideas and interest to: 
and Mac Dunlop  switchaway@yahoo.com

please take the time to read through our website at http://www.parklive.rocks/
and refer to these examples of posters from previous years:

10-4 Good Buddy Day

Thumper, Bambi movie

Source FM is starting a campaign that for just one day a year we only say nice things to each other on social media and that day is 10/04 2017 or 10-4 Good Buddy Day.

Sadly we don't always post friendly comments on social media. Even the best of us will have a snipe, or get into a row on a social media forum. Quite often those fights are  with people you will never meet. These fights are usually completely harmless; debates over the best football team, your favourite action figure etc etc etc.

Not all comments are harmless though. People of all ages and creeds have  used the wonders we have to upset and even cause suffering to others. Some have even taken their own lives over comments made on social media.

Source FM wants to change that and we know you do as well. We ask that for just one day you post nothing but positive comments across your usual media platforms. Don't get into aggressive debates, avoid political  rows, and steer clear of the trolls!

Share only good stories, positive pictures and quotes as well as ideas that have inspired you. No money, no work, no goals except to make the digital world a little brighter for one day. T'aint a bad idea is it?

We're calling this "10-4 Good Buddy Day". and plan to hold this on the 10th April, 2017.  10th of the 4th - get it?

10-4 is a call sign used by CB radio  enthusiasts and others to say "I acknowledge and understand what you said".  Its that simple. So, on the 10th April, from Midnight, to Midnight, let Thumper inspire your posts.

Burt Renoylds, Convoy