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Source FM is a radio station for Cornwall, UK made by and for the people who live and work in and around Falmouth and Penryn. We have an eclectic schedule of music and chat shows for you to listen to at all times of the day and night.  Nose around the What’s on When and Presenters section to get an idea of who works here and what they say about their radio programmes, and don't forget to leave some feedback on the Your Say page.

Source FM can be whatever you want it to be because the station is open to volunteers of all ages and walks of life. We're always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help make Source FM a vibrant and interesting local radio station. Whether you fancy presenting, producing documentary programmes, or helping with marketing and event organisation then get in touch with your local Cornish radio station by emailing: enquiries@thesourcefm.co.uk

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New Series From Mac Dunlop Wednesdays from 13.45hrs

My Day Off is a series of 15 minute humorous monologues by Mac Dunlop

I always find it difficult to describe what a monologue is to be or not to be. My last series Unspoken Words had a simple soundbyte, it was “about a single word, and what a single word could inspire”, a series of humourous monologues that were held together by a single tenuous thread, a different single word each week. UW ran for forty 15 minute episodes on Cornwall’s The Source FM, and London’s Resonance FM between 2010 and 2012.

Now, having lost you in terms of my ‘elevator pitch’ time frame, I want to introduce you to what My Day Off is not:

1) it is not another Unspoken Word series.
2) it is not linear narrative (it accommodates the capacity of a single voice to trample all over sense and sensibility).
3) it is not real, it is a rapid fire approach to containing what happens next within a 15 minute linear time frame.
4) it is not unfunny.
5) I refer my honourable member to the answer I gave moments ago*.
*p.s. no search engines were harmed in the writing of this Press Release
check out the MY Day Off vibe right here, right now!

August Parklive 2015

August Parklive 2015

Jazz in the park..!

Return of the Listen Again Service

Falmouth and Penryn Councillors Hear Listener's Plea

Listen Again

Cllr Brod Ross, Studio Manager Jerry Padfield and Cllr Chris Smith

Source FM listeners have been complaining that the station’s listen again service hasn’t been working properly since December. One of those regular listeners was Councillor Chris Smith of Penryn Town Council.

Frustrated by not being able to listen to his favourite shows Chris contacted station manager Matthew Rogers to let him know that he was willing to help resolve the issue by putting out an appeal on facebook. Within 24 hours Chris had raised £200. Backers included Mark Williams (Falmouth Town Council Clerk), Ciaran Clark (Actor), Cllr Candy Atherton (Falmouth Town Council), Andy Coote (Falmouth Business Club), Cllr Mark Snowden (Mayor, Penryn), Bob Bridges (Falmouth Rotary and Dementia Appeal), Andrew Edmonds (The Poly), Cllr Rowena Brock (Falmouth Town Council) and Chris Smith.

In March 2015 Councillor Brod Ross visited Source FM’s studios where he found Station Manager Matthew Rogers attempting to resurrect a dying podcast computer. When Clr Ross heard about the Source FM’s plight he pledged to offer £150 from his community chest, which combined with the offer from Chris Smith enabled station manager Matthew Rogers to purchase a new Mac Mini to host the service. 

Source FM’s studio manager Jerry Padfield wrote an original piece of software to host the listen again service and Miss Peapods Kitchen Café sponsor the service. You can now listen again to all your favourite Source FM programmes at www.thesourcefm.co.uk/podcast