Love Radio? Ever felt you’ve got a lot to say about your life? Or do you just have an enormous record collection that you'd like to share?

Well, this could be just the chance you’ve been waiting for. The Source is a community station that is staffed by volunteer DJs. We offer training for people with all levels of experience from the absolute novice up.


If it's doing your own show on The Source that interests you, the best place to start is to download the two forms at the bottom of this page, fill them in and boost them back via email: We are also looking for people to fill other roles such as Studio Managers, Producers, Script Writers and Editors. We aren't looking for people with any previous experience, in fact you could say the opposite was true. We love to train volunteers with no previous experience, all you need to bring is your enthusiasm.

Thin Air Project - Training Videos

The following videos have been made to help you to improve your experience of the Source FM studios and equipment...

Studio One

This video, presented by Steve Foster, takes you through all the parts of studio one that you are likely to need. Steve goes into a lot of detail on how to get the best from the new Studiomaster desk, CD players and computer.

Jazzler Software

(Video in Production)

Studio Two

This video, presented by Caitlin Kight, takes you through the process of pre-recording a show in studio two. It covers basic use of the Audacity software, microphone use and the Allen and Heath desk.

H1 Digital Recorder

In this video, Source FM presenter Mollie-Anne shows you how to use the portable recorder so that you may go out and do some interviews, or even record live music for your shows.


All these videos have been made to assist and improve your experience as a Source FM producer / presenter.

We hope you feel that they have helped you!

SourceFM Training - March 2015

Other Resources Available
There are resources available for the volunteers at the Source explaining how to use the equipment at the station on the resources page.