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Source FM is a radio station for Cornwall, UK made by and for the people who live and work in and around Falmouth and Penryn. We have an eclectic schedule of music and chat shows for you to listen to at all times of the day and night.  Nose around the What’s on When and Presenters section to get an idea of who works here and what they say about their radio programmes, and don't forget to leave some feedback on the Your Say page.

Source FM can be whatever you want it to be because the station is open to volunteers of all ages and walks of life. We're always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help make Source FM a vibrant and interesting local radio station. Whether you fancy presenting, producing documentary programmes, or helping with marketing and event organisation then get in touch with your local Cornish radio station by emailing:

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Looking for Business Partners

Source FM - Membership Bonus Scheme

Source FM will be relaunching it's membership scheme in 2015 and we're looking for local businesses who might like to form a closer relationship with our presenters through becoming a part of our members bonus scheme. Whether you are a cafe or a bookshop you could increase your footfall by offering Source FM members a discounted service and the chances are they will probably say thank you for your hospitality on air.

Source FM has over 400 registered volunteers and we broadcast to over 7,000 people locally. Programmes cover everything from sexuality to economics and we are always looking for more sponsors or supporters. So if you are interested in making our presenters a unique offer then please get in contact right away with Station Manager Matthew Rogers on 07789746933 or

Red Deer spotted near Carmenellis

Special Guests At Little White Alice

An award winning Cornish eco retreat hosted a very special guest this month, after an impressive red stag visited the holiday complex.

Little White Alice, situated in Carnmenellis near Stithians, has been visited by the deer frequently since the beginning of October and, thanks to some keen photographers staying with them this autumn, managed to capture some excellent close ups.

The impressive stag was not the only deer to visit the ground as it brought with it a herd of females and young.

The red deer is the fourth-largest of its species behind moose, elk and sambar deer and, although they are most widely found in Scotland, populations around the UK have been on the increase over the last 10 years.

Typically, a fully grown stag can weigh between 90 - 190kg and grow to reach 1.07 - 1.37 metres in height - deer which inhabit woodland areas tend to grow to be larger than those found in open areas.

Rosie Hadden, owner of Little White Alice, was thrilled with the unexpected visitor.

"Preserving and protecting our surrounding wildlife is really important to us at Little White Alice. Our award winning wildlife sustainability projects are one of the unique draws to those taking a holiday here. Alongside our alpacas, horses, sheep, chickens, pigs, bees, cats and resident dog, we hope our guests will enjoy this addition to our menagerie by observing and admiring this magnificent sight."

The visits prompted Rosie to call for passionate photographers to come to the holiday park and try to capture some wonderful images of the special guests - particularly if they have good zoom lenses, in order to keep disturbance to a minimum.

The response was fantastic and there were many excellent images produced by the photographers who wanted to preserve their memories of the herd's visit to Little White Alice.

One of these was Sue Hosking who was delighted with the images she managed to capture, saying:

"I was thrilled to be able to photograph the stunning deer during my stay at Little White Alice. We had been out looking for the deer every evening and on our last night they appeared. They were a couple of fields away and it was dusk but I managed to get some photos. It was the perfect end to our holiday."

Rosie continued:

"We are really pleased that these beautiful creatures have chosen Little White Alice as a place to spend their time and we are delighted that observing them was a real highlight for our guests without disruption to the animals. Not many holiday complexes can say that a wild animal can comfortably and peacefully graze in its grounds! "

For further information on Little White Alice, please visit or call 01209 861000.


Local Publishing House on the Hunt for Dragon Eggs

Cornwall based publishing house, Penryn Press,
is inviting local children to hunt for dragon eggs in Falmouth's Kimberley Park on the 28th October. The event, which is free of charge and open to all, will have an earliest start time of 2pm and a latest start time of 3pm and will culminate in a reading of the company's first publication Did You Know There Are Dragons In Cornwall in Falmouth Library at 3pm and 3.45pm.

Local scout and guide groups have been invited to take part as well as children from the surrounding schools. The children will be given clues to hep them find the eggs and a prize once all six eggs are found. The event is an effort to encourage local children to get more involved in reading and explore their surroundings.

The student run business launched it's first publication last year and is hoping to find new talent amongst the local writing scene. More information about how to submit work and about the company in general can be found on their website at