History of Source FM

The idea to create a community radio station in the Falmouth and Penryn area goes back to 2006 when Source FM Director Russell Clarke first made a successful license application to Ofcom. The 1st broadcast took place on February 28th 2009 from the University College Falmouth Tremough campus in Penryn, the Source now has its own dedicated studios in Falmouth and has over three years of experience in broadcasting a diverse and exciting variety of programmes on the FM waveband and globally via the Internet.

Our Remit 

Source FM has a remit from Ofcom to make radio accessible to the community. We've been doing this by running training sessions, which are free, open to everyone and aimed at developing confidence and broadcasting skills in people with no previous experience in radio. Source FM Volunteers can take courses in ‘Live Radio Production’, ‘Sound Editing’ and ‘Social Media’ and the vast majority go on to host their own shows on Source FM. If you would like to read more about the Source's key commitments please download and read this file.



Source FM is an 'Investor in Work Related Learning' Award winner with Falmouth Primary Schools, where we have delivered a weekly radio club throughout the life of the station.

We are training young people on the Beacon and giving them and their peers the inspiration to go onto bigger and better things. We offer a unique way for volunteers to express themselves, beyond their peer groups and importantly we offer support, mentoring towards and through to further and higher education. Some of our volunteers have even gone on to secure a career in broadcasting.

Source FM has been so successful at recruiting and training volunteers that two local education providers have asked us to help them deliver training on their behalf. We co-deliver a certificate in Radio Production with Adult Education Falmouth, and, with University College Falmouth, we co-deliver a Foundation Degree in Radio Production. All this collaboration means that there is a vibrant culture of learning and opportunity at Source FM, making it a rewarding time to be involved with the station.

Source FM broadcast Cornwall's 1st dedicated LGBT programme every Wednesday evening called Rainbow Source.

Since 2009 Source FM has been providing support and training and an easily accessible pathway towards and through Higher Education and even on towards employment for some of the hardest to reach members of our society. We are currently in the process of setting up our own educational delivery programme called ‘Source Academy’, very soon volunteers at Source FM will benefit from access to degree level modules written by Station Manager - Matthew Rogers, and tailored specifically to meet the needs of aspiring community radio volunteers.

We also broadcast live every year from the Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival.

Source FM owns it’s own modest premises on Tregenver Road in Falmouth including two fully equipped live ‘on-air’ studios and an office unit, which means our operational overheads are comparatively small. Also, because we are a community interest company, limited by guarantee with no shareholders, we can offer local companies a great deal on sponsorship and still afford to make sure that all our profits are ploughed back into the company to provide more opportunities for our volunteers.

Future plans include hosting a series of regular live music events throughout summer 2013 from inside Kimberley Park and we also hope to host a monthly caberet style residency at Miss Peapods Kitchen Café in Penryn on the 1st Friday of each month throughout the summer of 2013.

Source Gallery


Some testimonials from Source FM volunteers past and present. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like to be involved in the Source FM in any capacity. It's great fun, you'll make friends and you'll learn a lot too...

"Volunteering at The Source is the highlight of my week, its not just the fun and sense of community that comes with being part of the station, its the like-minded people you share it with too. The Source team are a fantastic bunch and I really feel part of the Source family. If you want a hobby with a difference with a wonderful sense of comradery then look no further."

Nick Dent - Presenter - Source Sounds Remembered.

The source has taught me so much about myself and brought out the creative side of me and I am so grateful for this it is a major release for me and playing my favorite dance tunes is also another release and I hope a release for the listener and they come aboard with me and other presenters too. The source has given me opportunities I would never of dreamt of and all those experiences have I think made me more rounded and good for character building. I am proud of myself, it's a personal conquest and don't know where I would be without some sort of involvement in radio it has truely been the making of me.

In short I love the station, it's energy and all it has done for me and I just hope the other presenters get as much from it as I do and I hope our listeners love it too actually I know they love the station, who wouldnt? I do hope I represent the woman well on the station and help to encourage others male or female to come aboard and be part of this wonderul station and radio in general, it's a wonderful medium. I knew nothing about broadcasting when I first started on the station but just knew I had to be part of the Source fm and I haven't looked back since. Thank you for having me and thank you for listening and encouraging me.

Tash Berks

About a year ago I used to broadcast live on The Source. I’m someone who’s very nervous about computers and technology, but Matthew, our inimitable Station Manager, always made sure he was there when I was on air, to encourage and help me out. During my training he was not only patience personified, but he was also good fun.

That’s the thing about The Source, whatever the Station sets out to do, it’s always such fun. As far as I’m concerned Source FM is exactly what a community radio station should be about – it really is the voice of the community. It doesn’t matter whether you’re old or young, straight or alternative, serious or frivolous, male or female; whether you’re Cornish, an incomer or an immigrant, you’re made welcome and invited to be involved at whatever level and in whatever way suits you best.

And don’t worry, your broadcast doesn’t have to be perfect. Sometimes programmes are absolutely brilliant, sometimes not so good…..but that just reflects how we all are, confident or nervous, having a good day or having a bad day – just being normal. What’s more, there’s something for every kind of listener, from writing to politics, local news to cookery, classical to pop, theatre to sports. You name it, we broadcast it! There are few rules at The Source, which means everyone can do their own thing, within legal limits of course. At the moment I’m involved long distance. I may not be broadcasting live, but I’ve learnt to edit sound on the computer so I send in regular documentaries for broadcast – anything from 2 minutes to an hour in length. I’ve sent in programmes with a special theme, such as The Sea, music programmes, short news items, interviews and seasonal specials for Xmas, firework night and Hallowe’en. If you’d told me five years ago that I’d be able to make a radio documentary on the computer I wouldn’t have believed you because, as I said at the beginning, technology of any kind makes me nervous. I assure you, if I can learn to do it, then you can too.

So that’s it! Source FM, you can’t beat it. Oh….and they have good parties as well!

Jenny Scolding

"The Source was really good for me and fun too! Long live the community! Long live The Source FM!"

Owen Hughes - Volunteer

When everyone else is relaxing and curled up in front of a warm fire on a Sunday evening I leave mine at 6.45 to go down the road to an old school playground where in the corner is a container or two where four or sometimes even five of us cram into a small space designed for two. It is a snug friendly atmosphere!

I have been involved in this show for over three years now taking over from another programme because I opened my big mouth and said I could do better!

It is a great success, well no one has told us otherwise and we are still going; even the station manager doesn’t like missing it.

We have not yet exhausted our list of guests and subjects and so many who have been on the show want to return and we want them to tell us more.

Wholistic World

I have a stammer, and very bad hearing. The last person you would expect to get near a radio show.

Yet, in the 18 months I have been in the station I have achieved the impossible- present, and run numerous shows.

Thanks to source fm I actually have a fan base, and am recognised in various places. Because of my shows others have joined the source, and local events have received much needed publicity from the station.

Yes, I may have the perfect voice for silent movies, and be as deaf as a post. But I am a local radio presenter!


Greetings, groovers! I'd like to say a big thank you to Matthew Rogers, Russell Clarke and Jerry Padfield at The Source 96.1FM for their help with enabling me to navigate the nobs and nuances of The Source's radio equipment so that I can get The Rob Noxious Retro Radio Show out to my multitude of listeners, the Noxiscenti. I have huge fun playing some great old records and also having a chat with some very talented musicians who have played live in The Source studios during my show. I would recommend having a go as a DJ to anyone who wants to share their love of music to that big wide world out there. They're a fine bunch of folks at The Source and they've helped make my DJ dream a reality ... I'm sure they can help you to share your show across the airwaves too. Don't just dream it, be it. Keep it Retro! :D

Rob Noxious

I have been training with SourceFM since November 2011 which has been a positive and rewarding experience.

I first went onto SourceFM to talk about being a female football manager for a boys under 12 football team, I enjoyed been in the studio, talking on the station and really got a feel good factor from being there that I wanted to go again, so took the opportunity SourceFM provides by offering training.

Being able to learn how to use the equipment by training with Matthew Rogers has given me self-confidence and also the ability to achieve things that I never thought I would be able to do. SourceFM has encouraged me and given me great ideas to get more involved with community aspects and give listeners an enjoyable local radio that they want to listen to and become more involved with.

I have met lots of new people, SourceFM is a friendly and enjoyable place to be. SourceFM enabled me and am I sure other people too! to really look at the community they live in and feel like getting involved in local community issues.

SourceFM offers people from all walks of life the opportunity to voice themselves on the station, it plays a wide range of music which appeals to all sorts of people whether young or old and is a great local radio station to listen to.

SourceFM has given me and the local community a chance to participate and become part of their radio station and I enjoy being a part of it, long may it continue.

Adele Wiles

I haven't done a training day [yet...] but found being part of the Carrick Roads soap was great fun! It was wonderful being part of a community project that gave a chance to write act or produce without previous experience, which soon became an exciting hub full of creative ideas that developed into story-lines and characters! I felt proud to be part of it!

Lauren Avery aka Mary - Carrick Roads !

I loved my time at The Source FM, being a presenter was valuable and enjoyable experience, has given me a lifelong friend and useful contacts in the world of music.

Simon 'Bravura' Bellord

Presenting Sports Hour on The Source is fun, exciting and, being 5.00 on Fridays, the perfect start to my weekend. I'm sure anybody could do it but it makes me feel like I've really achieved something - something different to what other people are doing for my own fun and for the local community

Kim Conchie

Every year we complete an annual report to Ofcom, you can read our 2013 report by downloading the document below:kudos